Petroleum coke ball mill
This is a Petroleum Coke Ball Mill

Petroleum Coke Ball Mill

The Petroleum coke ball mill, pet coke ball mill, or pet coke grinding mill is important mechanical equipment specially used for grinding petroleum coke, which is an accessory product in the petroleum refining process. The ground petroleum coke can be used as an important fuel in the chemical and metallurgical sectors instead of petroleum. The recycling and reuse of petroleum resources can be realized after the petroleum coke is superfine pulverized by the petroleum coke ball mill. On the basis of saving energy, it can also save energy usage costs for customers. Therefore, ball mills for pet coke grinding are sought after in the field of petroleum coke processing.

Industrial Uses of Petroleum Coke

The petroleum coke powder ground by a petroleum coke ball mill is widely used in graphite, smelting, and chemical industries. As a fuel, petroleum coke powder is mostly used as fuel for cement plants, power plant boiler, glass plant, and coal water slurry production line.

Pet coke
  • Low sulfur cooked petroleum coke is used to manufacture high power graphite electrodes and special carbon products.
  • Needle-shaped petroleum coke is an important material for electric furnace steelmaking.
  • Medium sulfur and ordinary mature petroleum coke are mainly used for aluminum smelting.
  • High-sulfur and ordinary raw petroleum coke are used in chemical production, such as the manufacture of calcium carbide, silicon carbide, and metal casting.

Performance Advantages of Petroleum Coke Ball Mill​

The petroleum coke ball mill produced by AGICO GROUP is developed on the basis of many years of practical production experience combined with advanced production technology, which has the advantages that similar pet coke ball mills cannot surpass.

  1. Through the research and analysis of the chemical properties of pet coke, combined with the properties of pet coke, the structure of the liner and grinding media of the pet coke ball mill has been optimized many times. It not only greatly improves the production capacity of the pet coke grinding mill, but also more effectively ensures the stable and safe operation of the pet coke grinding mill.
  2. The reducer set in the traditional ball mill machine is transformed into the whole gear transmission mode. It is not only easy to install, but also greatly reduces the noise in the production process of the ball mill, and further improves the grinding efficiency of the ball mill.
  3. Petroleum coke ball mill adopts thin oil lubrication system, which solves the disadvantages of traditional grease lubrication. It not only prolongs the oil changing period of the pet coke ball mill, but also greatly prolongs the service life of the pet coke ball mill bearings. At the same time, it improves the production efficiency of the pet coke grinding mill, greatly reduces the maintenance frequency of the pet coke grinding mill and reduces the production cost of the user.
  4. As petroleum coke is inflammable and explosive, it is especially prone to safety accidents if it is slightly careless in the production process. In order to ensure the safety and normal production of the pet coke ball mill, an explosion-proof device is installed on the ball mill for pet coke grinding to improve the safety of the equipment in the process of operation.
  5. The new sealing device is adopted for the ball mill of pet coke, and the operation is under negative pressure. The dust pollution is small during the operation, which fully meets the national environmental emission standard.


Processing Technology of Petroleum Coke Ball Mill

Petroleum coke is first crushed by crushing equipment (jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, etc.), and then enters the drying equipment for drying. Afterward, a ball mill for pet coke grinding is used to grind petroleum coke to obtain petroleum coke powder that meets customer requirements. The finished petroleum coke powder is transported to the warehouse for storage.

Processing Technology of Petroleum Coke Ball Mill

Specification of Petroleum Coke Ball Mill

Specification(mm)Capacity(t/h)Rotate Speed(r/min)Grinding Media Load(t)Output Size(mm)Motor Power(kW)Weight(t)
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