This is a ore ball mill

Ore Ball Mill

Applications: It is used for processing various grindable mineral materials, non-ferrous metal mineral processing, new building materials, etc.

Ore Ball Mill Details

Ore ball mill sometimes called ore grinding mill, is generally used in mineral processing concentrator, processing materials include iron ore, copper ore, gold ore, molybdenum ore and all kinds of nonferrous metal ore. The core function of the ore ball mill is to grind the materials, and also to separate and screen different mineral materials, and to separate the tailings, which is very important to improve the quality of the selected mineral materials.

The ore ball mill designed by our company, which is represented by gold ore ball mill and iron ore ball mill, is manufactured with high-quality materials and advanced technology. They have the characteristics of high efficiency, energy-saving, green environmental protection, simple operation, stable operation, and low failure rate, and have a good reputation in the industry.

Gold ore ball mill
Gold ore ball mill
Iron ore ball mill
Iron ore ball mill

The crushing ratio of the ore grinding mill is very large, and it is easy to adjust the fineness of the grinding product. The ore grinding mill has strong sealing performance and can be operated under negative pressure. It is widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, new building materials and other fields.

We offer different types of ore ball mills for customers to choose from. There are energy-saving ore ball mill, dry and wet ball mill, wet grate ball mill, and wet overflow ball mill. Customers can choose to purchase according to material conditions.

Ore Ball Mill for Mineral Processing

Mineral processing is the most important link in the entire production process of mineral products. It is a process of separating useful minerals from useless minerals (usually called gangue) or harmful minerals in a mineral raw material by physical or chemical methods, or a process of separating multiple useful minerals The process is called mineral processing, also known as ore processing.

Mineral processing ball mill
Mineral processing ball mill

The first step in the ore processing is to select the useful minerals. In order to select useful minerals from ore, the ore must be crushed first. Sometimes, in order to meet the requirements of subsequent operations on the particle size of materials, it is necessary to add a certain ore grinding operation in the process.

The preparation before beneficiation is usually carried out in two stages: crushing  screening operation and mineral classification operation. Crusher and ore ball mill are the main equipment in these two stages.

Working Principle of Ore Ball Mill

  1. First of all, the material is fed into the barrel from the hollow shaft feed port of the mineral processing ball mill, and then enters the inside of the ore grinding mill.
  2. With the rotation of the barrel, the material gradually diffuses to the right. When the material moves from left to right, the barrel of the ore ball mill brings the steel ball to a certain height and falls to crush the material, and part of the steel ball has a grinding effect on the material in the state of the barrel being discharged. The whole moving process It is also the process of crushing materials.
  3. Finally, the material that has been ground into powder is discharged from the hollow journal discharge port to complete the grinding process.

Technical Data

Specification(mm)Capacity(t/h)Feeding Size(mm)Output Size(mm)Motor Power(kw)Type
φ1200×24001.5-4.8≤250.075-0.8930Wet grate
φ1200×45001.6-5.8≤250.074-0.455Wet grate
φ1500×30002-5≤250.074-0.475Wet grate
φ1500×57003.5-6≤250.074-0.4130Wet grate
φ1830×30004-10≤250.074-0.4130Wet grate
φ1830×64006.5-15≤250.074-0.4210Wet overflow
φ2100×30006.5-36≤250.074-0.4155Wet overflow
φ2100×700012-48≤250.074-0.4280Wet overflow
φ2200×45009-45≤250.074-0.4280Wet overflow
φ2200×650014-26≤250.074-0.4380Wet overflow
φ2700×400022-80≤250.074-0.4380Wet overflow
φ2700×450026-90≤250.074-0.4480Wet overflow
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