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Ceramic Ball Mill

Applications: Ceramic ball mill is suitable for industries such as ceramics, chemical industry, metallurgy, and new materials.

Ceramic Ball Mill Details

The ceramic ball mill uses a ceramic material liner, and ceramic alumina balls are used as grinding media. It is the key ball grinding mill equipment for fine grinding after the ceramic glaze is coarse grinding. The ceramic ball mill machine is widely used for the dry or wet grinding of the ceramic glaze mineral raw materials, such as feldspar, quartz, talc, kaolin, etc.

Due to its small capacity, the ceramic ball mill generally has a loading capacity of 0.05-15 tons/time. It belongs to a small ball mill, so it is generally used in small batch production during product trial production.

Ceramic ball mill machine
Ceramic ball mill for sale

In recent years, the ceramic ball mill machine has not only improved its production capacity and crushing efficiency, but also expanded its application range. From limestone to basalt, from stone production to various ore crushing, the ceramic ball mill can provide high milling performance in various medium crushing, fine crushing, and ultra-fine crushing operations.

As one of the high-quality ceramic ball mill suppliers, in order to match the needs of customers with larger production, we have launched a ceramic ball mill machine with a single charge of 40 tons. The size of the ceramic ball mill barrel is φ3600×7000mm, the barrel rotation speed is 13r/min, and the installed power is 160KW, which has been praised by many customers with large production needs.

Specification(mm)Maximum Charge(tons/time)Rotate Speed(r/min)Motor Power(kW)Weight(t)

Ceramic Ball Mill Media

The ceramic ball mill media is the same as that of the liner, which is made of alumina ceramics. According to the different grinding materials, the grinding medium can also be made of quartz or silex. As the ceramic ball mill media, ceramic alumina balls have the advantages of low wear, high hardness, high density, and low cost, which can maximize the purity of the crushed materials and obtain high grinding efficiency.

The ceramic alumina balls in the ceramic ball mill machine is generally added to three to four different specifications, which is related to the feed and discharge particle size and the speed of the ball milling machine. When only dispersing the material, only one type of ceramic alumina ball can be added. The proportion of grinding ball is related to the grinding method of the ceramic ball mill. The ratio of large balls, medium balls, and small balls in dry and wet ceramic ball mill is also different.

Ceramic ball mill media

In the grinding process of dry ceramic ball mill machine, the function of large and small ceramic alumina ball is different. Relatively speaking, the large ceramic alumina ball is beneficial to the impact effect, while the small ball is beneficial to the grinding effect. When the ratio of the grinding ball is reasonable, the higher bulk density can be obtained. Therefore, the reasonable ratio of large and small balls is an important factor affecting the efficiency of dry ceramic ball mill machine. 

In terms of our production practice, the best grinding effect can be obtained when the initial ratio of large ball, medium ball and small ball is 4:4:3 or 4:4:2.

For the wet ceramic ball mill, because of the participation of liquid, the material is crushed by grinding rather than impact. Therefore, the amount of large ceramic alumina balls should be appropriately reduced, and small and medium balls should be added to ensure a good grinding effect. The initial grinding ball ratio of wet ceramic ball mill machine is generally 30% for large ceramic alumina balls, 40% for medium balls and 30% for small balls.

Ceramic ball mill structure

Performance Advantage of Ceramic Ball Mill

  • The products of ceramic ball mill have uniform fineness, save power, have less investment, save energy and electricity compared with similar products, have novel structure, easy operation, safe use, stable and reliable performance and so on.
  • The motor of ceramic ball mill machine is auto-coupled under reduced pressure to start and reduce the starting current. Its structure is divided into integral type and independent type.
  • The rotating large gear of the ceramic ball mill is processed by casting and rolling gear, and the wear-resistant liner is set in the cylinder body, which has good wear resistance.

Technical Data

Specification(mm)Maximum Charge(tons/time)Rotate Speed(r/min)Motor Power(kW)Liner Type
φ600×7000.05502.2Ceramics, Silex, Rubber, Metal
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