coal ball mill

Coal Ball Mill

Applications: It is mainly used for grinding coal of various hardnesses, and is also suitable for coal powder making system and ore milling system in cement plants and metal magnesium plants.

Coal Ball Mill Details

Coal ball mill is the main equipment for grinding pulverized coal. The raw material of coal powder is coal with various hardness, and it drying in the coal mill grinding process to obtain finished coal powder which can be efficiently burned. 

Coal ball mills are widely used in the cement industry and thermal power generation industry, and are also suitable for metallurgical industry, chemical industry, sugar industry and other fields. Coal ball mills are also commonly used in the making process of pulverized coal fuel in calcining kiln such as a lime kiln, and in the production of pulverized coal raw materials in activated carbon processing.

coal ball mill

Raw coal used for making pulverized coal will inevitably encounter bituminous coal or lean coal with high ash content, low calorific value and impure composition. At this time, if the grinding quality is not good, the efficiency of subsequent combustion will be greatly reduced. 

A high-quality coal mill can effectively solve the fineness problem of coal powder and ensure uniform grinding of raw coal. The fineness of pulverized coal has a great influence on the ignition temperature and burning time of the equipment. In this way, the influence of bad raw coal on combustion efficiency can be well improved by coal mill.

In addition to grinding coal, the coal ball mill can also be used to grind graphite(graphite ball mill), limestone(limestone ball mill), and other materials.

coal ball mill details

Working Principle of Coal Ball Mill

The main structure of coal ball mill includes the feeding part, discharging part and driving part. The main bearing is made of cast steel, and the rotating large gear is processed by casting hobbing. There are liner plates on the inner cylinder wall, with good wear resistance, and the liner can be replaced as needed.

  1. Raw coal enters the coal ball mill through the feeding device. At this time, hot air with a temperature up to 300℃ enters the coal mill barrel from the intake pipe. 
  2. The raw coal falls on the lifting plate of the drying chamber and is continuously raised. 
  3. In the process of heat exchange between raw coal and hot air, water is continuously evaporated. 
  4. After the completion of the drying, the coal pieces are sent to the grinding chamber, and the grinding chamber is rotated to bring up the grinding media steel balls and throw them off. 
  5. After being ground for a period of time, the coal is turned into a powdery material, which goes into the separator. 
  6. After being classified by the separator, the coal powder with qualified fineness enters the coal powder warehouse, while the coal powder with unqualified fineness is re-fed into the coal mill for regrinding until the fineness reaches the standard.

Technical Data

ModelSpecification(m)Capacity(t/h)Screening Residual Rate%Feeding Size(mm)Motor Power(kW)Weight(t)
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