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Grinding Mill

We are experienced grinding mill supplier

As a grinding mill supplier with many years of manufacturing and design experience, AGICO provides various types of industrial grinding mills, including ball grinding mill, cement grinding mill, coal grinding mill, ore grinding mill, fine grinding mill, Raymond grind mill, semi-autogenous grinding mill, etc. At the same time provide grinding mill for metallurgy, building materials, mining industry, chemical and other industries of material grinding processing. In addition to high-quality industrial grinding mill equipment, we also provide a free material test of our grinding mill machines and design services for various grinding production lines.

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Ball Mill Machine

Raw mill | Cement Ball Mill | Coal Ball Mill

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The industrial ball mill produced by our company can meet the grinding requirements of different materials. Different material properties, different discharge fineness, different production capacity requirements, the choice of ball mill crusher type is also different. The company will design the best material grinding solution according to the needs of customers.

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Strong adaptability

Ball mill machine has strong adaptability to material physical properties (granularity, moisture, hardness, etc.).

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Large scale of production

Ball mill machine can be operated continuously, and the production capacity can meet the needs of mass production in modern industry.

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Large grinding ratio

The grinding ratio of ball mill machine is large, the particle size is graded, and the fineness is easy to adjust.

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Simple in structure

The ball mill machine has a simple structure, strong mechanical reliability, easy to inspect and replace wear parts.

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Vertical Roller Mill

Vertical Raw mill | Vertical Cement Mill | Vertical Coal Mill

Industry vertical roller mill equipment can meet various requirements of coarse grinding, fine grinding and ultra-fine grinding in the field of industrial grinding. As an experienced grinding mill supplier, we are specialized in providing users with various models of vertical grinding equipment for selection.

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Rod Mill

The rod mill crusher designed and produced by AGICO adopts advanced controllable feeding and discharging technology and cooperates with reasonable structural design. The new rod mill crusher is well received by users for its uniform particle size and higher output. Rod mills are widely used in refractory, chemical, metallurgy, glass and other industries.

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The AG mill (autogenous grinding mill) is a medium-free grinding machine. In order to improve the processing capacity, 2% -3% steel balls can be added (also known as semi autogenous grinding mill or SAG mill). Raw ore or coarse crushed ore from the mine can be directly fed into the AG mill (SAG mill) for grinding. It can process ore materials of any nature, and the crushing ratio is larger than other types of grinding mills.

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