Tumbling ball mill

Tumbling Ball Mill

Applications: Tumbling ball mill is mainly used in metal and non-metal ore, such as quartz stone, gold ore, iron ore, copper ore, cement clinker, construction waste, and other fields.

Tumbling Ball Mill Details

Tumbling ball mill is a kind of horizontal ball mill with flexible operation, reliable, and compact design. The tumbling mill is mainly for grinding, crushing and dispersing purposes, mainly suitable for emulsifying metal, nonmetal, organic matter, Chinese herbal medicine and other materials.

Tumbling ball mill can be divided into continuous type and batch type ball mill according to different operating processes. The inner lining of tumbling ball mill can be made of alloy steel, stainless steel, high wear-resistant polyurethane, corundum ceramics, zirconia and other materials, which can be customized according to the needs of users.

Continuous type tumbling ball mill
Continuous type tumbling ball mill
Batch type tumbling ball mill
Batch type tumbling ball mill

Tumbling Ball Mill Working Principle

When the tumbling ball mill is working, it rotates at a certain speed. Under the combined action of gravity, friction and centrifugal force, the outer steel ball and ore are lifted to a certain height and then separated from the cylinder and thrown down along the parabola trajectory. The ore is crushed under the impact of the steel ball. The basic motion state of the steel ball in the tumbling ball mill is shown in the figure below.
Motion state steel balls
Basic motion state of steel ball

Due to the small radius of rotation, the inner layer ball and ore in the tumbling ball mill are subject to small centrifugal force and the lifting height is low, so they slide down in the way of falling. The ore is ground under the action of sliding friction and rolling friction during the sliding process of the steel ball.

The ore is ground in the tumbling mill by the above impact and grinding action, so that useful minerals and gangues, useful minerals and useful mineral monomers are dissociated.

Performance Advantage Of Tumbling Ball Mill

  • Tumbling ball mill operation is relatively stable, grinding efficiency is high and energy saving, working noise is small. The waste produced during the production of the tumbling ball mill can be recycled and has a better treatment effect on urban construction waste.
  • The tumbling mill has two grinding methods, dry type and wet type, which are more advantageous for processing harder materials. It can also be used for coarse grinding and fine grinding, or for blending and mixing between materials.
  • The tumbling ball mill is equipped with automatic unloading device, material can be automatically separated from the barrel body, discharging is very convenient, can save labor cost, compared with other ore ball mill obvious advantages.

Technical Data

Specification(mm)Capacity(t/h)Rotate Speed(r/min)Motor Power(kw)Weight(t)
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