They are horizontal ball mills

Horizontal Ball Mill

Applications: Horizontal ball mill is suitable for fine grinding and mixing of high purity materials. It is widely used in electronic materials, magnetic materials, ceramic glaze slurry, ink pigment, non-metallic minerals and other special industries.

Horizontal Ball Mill Details

Horizontal ball mill is a typical ball mill equipment, used for grinding and dispersing liquid-solid materials, especially suitable for fine grinding and mixing of high-purity materials.

The horizontal ball mill is relative to the vertical ball mill, the cylinder body lies horizontally on the bearings at both ends. Horizontal ball mill has stable performance, simple operation and more novel design.

Horizontal ball mill project

Horizontal ball mill is a beneficiation equipment for the grinding process of various metal ores. It plays a very important role in the fields of metallurgy, machinery, mines, highways, etc. Horizontal ball mill is a grinding equipment with a relatively high comprehensive utilization value.

Working Principle Of Horizontal Ball Mill

The barrel of the horizontal ball mill is placed horizontally and can be rotated. The barrel contains grinding media and materials to be ground. When the horizontal ball mill starts, the barrel begins to rotate. The grinding medium and material are lifted to a certain height and fall under the action of gravity. The movement of grinding steel ball makes the material be crushed and dispersed by extrusion, friction, impact, abrasion and shearing.

The cylindrical cylinder of horizontal ball mill is usually made of steel, and the lining is made of rubber or ceramic. The grinding ball generally uses iron ball or ceramic ball, and some use pebble according to special grinding requirements.

2000L large horizontal ball mill
2000L large horizontal ball mill

Product Advantages of Horizontal Ball Mill

The horizontal ball mill grinds and disperses under closed conditions to prevent solvent evaporation.

The grinding barrel, inlet and outlet of the horizontal ball mill are made of disposable hot casting wear-resistant polyurethane, which has the characteristics of high wear resistance, good sealing, low pollution, low noise, fineness, low consumption, convenient feeding and discharging, and is suitable for grinding and mixing high-purity materials.

Horizontal ball mills have a wide range of barrel volumes to choose from, including mini horizontal ball mill with a barrel volume of only 50L and large horizontal ball mill with a volume of 2000L that can meet large production requirements.

Mini horizontal ball mill
Mini horizontal ball mill
Large horizontal ball mill
Large horizontal ball mill
  • The rotating speed of the cylinder body has been optimized, which can make the media balls in the horizontal ball mill form a tilting motion, thereby dispersing the materials, obtaining better grinding effect, and grinding the materials faster.
  • The horizontal ball mill has a direct-link transmission structure, and the helical gear reducer is driven by the motor. This structure has the characteristics of large transmission torque, high mechanical efficiency and smooth start.
  • The horizontal ball mill is controlled by digital display time controller, and the working time can be set at any time according to needs. The control system has the function of pause and accumulation timing control, which saves time and effort, and is easy and convenient.

Technical Data

Volume of Barrel(L)Rotate Speed(r/min)Loading Capacity(L)Grinding Media Load(L)Motor Power(kw)Weight(t)
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