This is a continuous ball mill

Continuous Ball Mill

Applications: Continuous ball mill is the key equipment for dry or wet grinding of silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizers, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and glass ceramics and other industries.

Continuous Ball Mill Details

In the process of material grinding, the continuous ball mill adopts a continuous and uninterrupted form for feeding, grinding, and discharging. According to different operation process, ball grinding mill can be divided into continuous ball mill and batch ball mill. The feeding and discharging process of the continuous type ball mill is continuous, which can be produced in open or closed circuit grinding applications, such as cement ball mill, ceramic ball mill.

Continuous type ball mill

Continuous ball mill can support dry and wet grinding, customers can choose continuous wet ball mill or continuous dry ball mill according to the nature of the grinding material. 

Taking the continuous dry ball mill as an example, the continuous discharge is adopted when the mill works. Before grinding, the wind force is determined according to the particle size and weight of the material. When the material reaches the specified particle size and the weight is enough to be driven by the wind, it will be sent out of the mill by the wind system. Therefore, the continuous type ball mill is more suitable for grinding operations with higher requirements for particle size uniformity.

As an experienced continuous ball mill manufacturer, the continuous ball mills produced by us have simple structure, small floor area and high unit output. The mechanization of the continuous type ball mill is high, and the unit energy consumption is less. For example, the graphite ball mill and the iron ore ball mill have excellent energy-saving performance.

Performance Advantage Of Continuous Ball Mill

Continuous type ball mill for industrial use
  1. Continuous ball mill with low energy consumption. The continuous grinding mode requires higher temperature of the barrel. Such temperature condition and dynamic pulping mode reduce the viscosity of the material after grinding, reduce water consumption and material evaporation, and reduce power consumption.
  2. Continuous ball mill has advanced control system. The control system used in the continuous ball mill is more advanced and the degree of automation is higher.
  3. Continuous ball mill has good grinding effect. This operation mode enables the equipment to adjust production according to the state of the material, the grinding effect is better, and the adaptability is stronger.
  4. Continuous ball mill has high production efficiency. It can save the time of feeding and discharging, and improve the production efficiency to a certain extent.

Technical Data

Specification(mm)Capacity(t/h)Feeding Size(mm)Output Size(mm)Motor Power(kW)Liner Type&Grinding Medium
φ900×18000.65-2≤200.075-0.8918.5Rubber liner&High aluminum ball
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