This is dry ball mill

Dry Ball Mill

Applications: It is suitable for all kinds of metallic ore, non-metallic ore, cement, marble and other stone.

Dry Ball Mill Details

Dry ball mill is a grinding equipment that uses dry ball milling process to grind materials. Different from the wet ball mill, the dry ball mill does not need to add water when performing the grinding operation, only relying on the impact and crushing effect of the grinding media on the material to grind the material.

The finished material of the dry grinding ball mill is dry powder, no moisture content, no need for air drying, especially suitable for grinding products that require the final product to be stored and sold in the form of grinding.

Dry grinding ball mill

The dry ball mill machine adopts grate plate mill tail discharge and straight barrel outlet discharge. The discharge is smooth without swelling grinding. The cylinder does not require cooling, has a long service life and a low failure rate.

Because the dry ball milling process is dry in and dry out, the raw materials are moisture-free materials, and the discharge is also dry grinding, so there will be floating dust during the production process. In order to avoid environmental pollution, in the production process, it is necessary to add auxiliary equipment such as induced draft device, dust discharge pipe, dust remover, etc.

In the process of grinding materials, only steel balls and other grinding media are in contact with the materials, so the change of properties of some materials with unstable chemical and physical properties is avoided. For the mineral processing plant or cement plant located in arid and water-scarce areas, water resources are relatively scarce, and the use of dry ball mill does not require water to participate, which is more cost-effective.

Product Advantages of Dry Ball Mill

Dry ball mill process
  1. Wide range of applications
    Dry grinding ball mill can be used for open flow grinding, material applicability is strong, and it can also be used for circular flow grinding composed of powder concentrator.
  2. High production efficiency
    The dry ball mill can process a wide range of materials and is easy to adjust the fineness of the grinding product. It belongs to continuous ball mill equipment.
  3. Low failure rate
    The moisture content of the material fed by the dry ball mill is not high, the probability of material binding is low, and the failure rate is low.
  4. Strong environmental protection
    The discharge port of the dry ball mill machine is straight cylinder, and it is also equipped with an induced draft device and a dust discharge system, which is environmentally friendly.
  5. Easy to replace
    The dry grinding ball mill has the advantages of simple structure, stable operation, convenient maintenance and convenient disassembly of parts.

Technical Data

Specification(mm)Capacity(t/h)Output Size(mm)Rotate Speed(r/min)Grinding Media Load(t)Motor Power(kW)Weight(t)
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