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Raw Mill

Applications: It widely used in cement production, silicate products, new building materials, ferrous and nonferrous metal processing, electric power, ceramics and other industries of material grinding.

Raw Mill Details

Raw mill is also called cement raw mill, similar to cement ball mill, it is an important cement milling equipment used in the cement production process. Raw mill is mainly used for grinding cement raw meal in the cement factory production process. It is also suitable for metallurgical, chemical, electric power and other industrial mining enterprises to grind various ores and other grindable materials.

raw mill

Cement raw meal is a mixture of various raw materials before cement calcination. It is a mixture of lime raw material (mainly composed of calcium carbonate), clay raw material (aluminosilicate containing alkali and alkali soil) and a small amount of calibration raw material in a certain proportion and ground to a certain fineness. In order to meet the success of the subsequent calcination process, the grinding of the raw meal must be uniform in fineness and ensure the chemical composition of the mixture is stable. 

Raw mill in cement plant is very suitable for cement raw meal grinding because of its strong adaptability to raw materials and adjustable grinding fineness. It is the most commonly used grinding machine in the grinding stage of raw materials in the cement plant.

Working principle of raw material mill

The cement raw mill is generally cylindrical in the horizontal direction, and gears are driven at both ends. After the motor is turned on, the cylinder is rotated. Raw materials are evenly fed into the first inner silo from the feed port at one end. The inner wall of the silo is provided with a step liner or a corrugated liner, and steel balls of different specifications are installed inside as the grinding media.

When the raw material grinding process starts, with the rotation of the cylinder body, the steel balls and materials are brought to a certain height and then fall down, so that the reciprocating cycle can produce impact and grind on the materials. Material is ground at the primary stage in the first inner silo to achieve rough grinding size. After that, the material passes through the single-layer partition board to enter the second inner silo for further grinding. 

Structure of raw mill
The structure of raw mill

The inner wall of the second inner silo is a flat liner plate. The number of steel balls is more and the size is smaller than that of the first inner silo. The grinding of materials is more sufficient. In the raw mill grinding process, the grinding material is discharged from the grinder through the discharge hole, and the fineness of the qualified material is sorted by the sorting equipment, while the fineness of the unqualified material is sent back to the cement raw mill by the sorting machine. And unqualified material will be ground until the fineness meets the requirements.

Technical Data

Specification(m)Capacity(t/h)Rotate Speed(r/min)Grinding Media Load(t)Effective Volume(m3)Motor Power(kW)Weight(t)
φ3.8×7.590179591.81600218(excluding motor)
φ4.6×10+3.5190151901773550352(excluding driving parts)
φ4.6×10.5+3.5210152001853550358(excluding driving parts)
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