This is a conical ball mill

Conical Ball Mill

Applications: It can be used to grind various ores and other materials, such as limestone or Portland cement, can also be used to mix raw materials in cement clinker and coal production and is widely used in mineral processing, building materials, and chemical industries.

Conical Ball Mill Details

Conical ball mill is a common ball grinding mill in mineral processing production. Conical ball mill can grind all kinds of ores and other materials, not only can be used as a pre-grinding machine for pre-grinding, but also as a grinding equipment in the fine grinding section. The barrel is composed of a conical structure at the discharge end and a cylinder structure in the middle, so the conical ball mill is named.

Compared with the ordinary ball mill machine, a conical barrel is added to the discharging end of the Harding ball mill, which not only increases the effective volume of the mill, but also makes the distribution of medium in the barrel more reasonable. Compared with the cylindrical ball mill of the same specification, the conical ball mill grinds the finished product with uniform particle size and high grinding efficiency.

Dry conical ball mill
Dry conical ball mill
Wet conical ball mill
Wet conical ball mill

Our company can produce different types of conical ball mills: horizontal conical ball mill, energy saving conical ball mill, overflow conical ball millceramic conical ball mill, wet conical ball mill and dry conical ball mill.

Conical Ball Mill Structure and Working Principle

The circular velocity of the conical ball mill decreases gradually from the cylinder part along the direction of the outlet, so the large grinding balls are mostly concentrated in the cylinder part, and the small grinding steel balls are squeezed into the conical part near the outlet.

The material entering the mill is first crushed by the impact of the large-sized steel ball with a large drop height, and the crushed small-sized material moves into the conical part, and the small-grinded steel ball will finely grind it.

For the dry conical ball mill, when the material reaches the discharge fineness, the finished product will be sent out of the discharge port by the air supply system. The finished material of the wet conical ball mill flows out of the mill with the slurry to complete the grinding process.

The structure of conical ball mill
The structure of conical ball mill

The special conical structure of conical ball mill can separate the grinding medium (steel ball) naturally. The large ball is located in the largest diameter section of the barrel, that is, the feeding end; the small ball is located in the conical section, that is, the discharge end.

The coarser material obtains large impact energy under the action of the large ball at the feeding end, and completes the coarse crushing operation. The small ball is located at the discharge conical end of the conical ball mill to obtain more surface area for fine grinding.

Product Advantages Of Conical Ball Mill

  • The main bearing of the conical ball mill adopts double-row spherical roller bearings, which reduces the energy consumption and makes the product granularity finer and the processing capacity greater.
  • Conical ball mill is a new type of ball mill machine designed according to a new concept using special rolling bearings as the support structure of the barrel. It solves the problems of life and center adjustment of the heavy-duty rolling bearing used to replace the sliding bearing as well as the problems of sealing under harsh environmental conditions and the problem of barrel movement caused by long working hours.
  • The conical ball mill has higher cone frequency and amplitude, and its vibration resistance is better.

Technical Data

Specification(mm)Capacity(t/h)Feeding Size(mm)Rotate Speed(r/min)Grinding Media Load(t)Motor Power(kw)
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