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Ball mills play a vital role in the grinding and mixing various materials. To ensure smooth and efficient operation, high-quality ball mill bearings can withstand heavy loads and reduce friction during the process. Common ball mill bearings mainly include ball mill trunnion bearings and sliding shoe bearings. Each ball mill bearing has unique features and benefits to suit different ball mill sizes and operating conditions.

AGICO is committed to providing customers with ball mill bearings of various sizes. We can customize bearings for your ball mill and undertake upgrade and maintenance projects for various types of ball mill bearings to ensure the smooth operation of your ball mill.

Ball Mill Bearing Types

Hot-selling ball mill bearings worldwide

Trunnion bearing for ball mill

Trunnion bearing for ball mill

Material: Cast steel
Processing Weight: 5-12 tons
Standard: ASTM: 1025 / DIN: CK25

The ball mill trunnion bearing is a detachable load-bearing structure that sits on the sliding rings at the feed and discharge ends of the ball mill. Ball mill trunnion bearings support and stabilize the grinding cylinder, as well as bear the weight of the grinding cylinder, through metal spacers mounted on the slip ring. Ball mill trunnion bearings are designed to accommodate larger radial loads and axial loads and are suitable for larger-scale ball mills. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, etc., and can adapt to different working conditions and working environments. Ball mill trunnion bearings play an important role in the normal operation of the ball mill.

cement mill trunnion bearing
Cement mill trunnion bearing
ball mill bearing house
Ball mill bearing house
SAG mill trunnion bearing
SAG mill trunnion bearing
ProcessesCasting, finishing, machining, testing
TestChemical composition, mechanical property, dimensional check, UT, MT, PT, and so on.
Heat treatmentNormalized, Normalized and Tempered, Quench and Tempered. AGICO has2 sets of heat treatment furnaces (max 18m*7m*4m).
Molding pitThe deepest molding pit is 45m*16.1m*(-6.0m), the largest casting pit is 87m*16.1m*(-3.5m)
MachiningRough machined, semi-finished machined, finished machined
AGICO ball mill trunnion bearing features

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Slide shoe bearing

Slide shoe bearing

Application: Cement, coal, electric power, metal, chemical and other industries
Whether to support customization: Yes
Certificate: ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007

Slide shoe bearing is a type of bearing that forms a friction pair between the grinding cylinder and the bearing seat in a ball mill. Sliding bearings are made of metal materials and reduce friction and wear through lubricating oil or grease. They are suitable for smaller-scale ball mills and offer lower friction coefficients and better sealing performance. They are typically used in low-speed and medium-speed ball mills, providing improved operational stability and lower energy consumption. The function of the slide shoe bearing in the ball mill is to support and stabilize the grinding cylinder, reduce friction and wear, and ensure the normal operation of the ball mill.

Slide shoe bearings are widely used in ball mills, especially large ball mills, because of their ability to provide stable support and durability for high loads and harsh working conditions. However, which bearing type to choose depends on the size of the ball mill and the job requirements.

Slide shoe bearing
Slide shoe bearing
Slide shoe bearing

In the working process of a ball mill, both trunnion bearings and sliding bearings play an important role. Trunnion bearings are usually used to support high-speed rotating components and can withstand large radial and axial loads. They have low friction and high rigidity and are suitable for situations requiring precise control and high-speed operation. Slide shoe bearings are often used to support larger rotating parts and provide stable support at lower speeds and high loads. They have high vibration absorption properties and good wear resistance and are suitable for applications with heavy loads and low-speed operation.

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