Ball Mill Pinion

Material: carbon steel, stainless steel
Number of small gear modules for ball mill: 14-30 or customized by drawings.
Surface treatment: galvanized, chrome plated, etc.

AGICO can provide various specifications of ball mill pinion gears. Mill pinions can be produced according to standards or customized according to customer drawings.

agico ball mill pinion

Casting High-quality Ball Mill Pinion Gear

The ball mill pinion is widely used in various ball milling equipment, and its function is to transmit power according to the specified speed ratio. Usually, the large gear rotates once, while the ball mill pinion rotates several times, so the ball mill pinion must have sufficient strength and hardness.

The ball mill pinion gear is subjected to more force than the large gear of the ball mill, and its wear rate is also higher than that of the large gear, making it a vulnerable part of the ball mill. The structural strength of the ball mill pinion is relatively high, and it is often paired with a quenched and tempered ball mill pinion and a normalized large gear, so that the tooth surface hardness of the ball mill pinion is 30-50 higher than the HB hardness of the large gear, reaching 3HRC.

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AGICO Ball Mill Pinion-Details Determine Quality

ball mill pinion gear

Integrated molding

Mill pinion is meticulously crafted, allowing two buckles to seamlessly connect together. Integrated molding.

ball mill pinion gear

Strict material selection

All raw materials are strictly selected and comply with relevant standards, and we will never cut corners.

ball mill pinion gear

Affordable price

We give back to new and old customers at discounted prices. Various ball mill pinion gears are available in stock.

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AGICO ball mill workshop

AGICO – A Trusted Ball Mill Parts Supplier

As a high-quality manufacturer with more than 20 years of production and operation experience of large-scale cement equipment, AGICO has a large-scale foundry factory and workshop. The workshop is equipped with a large-scale steel casting furnace and has a casting capacity of 30 tons of single-piece cement equipment. It is also equipped with more than 60 units professional processing equipment such as seven 2-8m vertical lathes, five 2-8m gear hobbing machines, and single-column milling machines. AGICO can produce various cement equipment such as ball mills and rotary kilns. All products are cast and processed by ourselves, with reliable quality, are widely sold worldwide, and are well received by users.

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Production equipment

AGICO’s Hot Selling Products

AGICO’s main products include cement ball mill, slag ball mill, limestone ball mill, fly ash ball mill, rotary kiln, and other large casting processing products. The main ball mill accessories include ball mill gear, ball mill pinion, ball mill liner, ball mill bearing, steel grinding ball, etc.

Ball Mill Girth Gear
Ball Mill Girth Gear
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