This is a vertical coal mill
This is a vertical coal mill

Vertical Coal Mill

Applications: Vertical coal mill is mainly used for grinding raw coal, bituminous coal, and other fuels into coal powder, which is supplied to rotary kiln and other kilns in the cement plant and thermal power plant.

Vertical Coal Mill Details

Vertical coal mill, also known as vertical roller coal mill and vertical coal grinding mill, is a mechanical equipment for crushing and grinding coal into coal power. It is an important auxiliary equipment for pulverized coal furnace, rotary kiln and other kilns which need pulverized coal as fuel. As its output can reach 5-70h/t, vertical coal mill is more suitable for medium and large pulverized coal projects. So we usually use coal mill in cement plant, coal mill in power plant, and coal mill in thermal power plant. The working of vertical coal mill has higher accuracy, so it is more conducive to the fine grinding of materials and the adjustment of granularity. According to the special requirements of pulverized coal raw material processing, the vertical roller coal mill manufactured by our company has built-in explosion-proof system, which can ensure the safe production of the grinding process.

Vertical coal mill grinding materials

Vertical coal grinding mill is a professional coal grinding equipment for all kinds of coal. It can grind peat, lignite, bituminous coal, anthracite and other single raw coal, and can also grind a variety of mixed raw coal. Since the vertical coal mill is a combination of drying and milling functions, it can grind raw coal with different moisture content.

Working principle of vertical coal mill

The inner structure of vertiacal coal grinding mill
The inner structure of vertical coal mill
  • Vertical coal grinding mill integrates crushing, drying, grinding, powder selection and conveying.
  • It has simple system and compact structure. Vertical coal mill covers an floor area about 50% of the coal ball mill with the same specification.
  • Coal vertical mills can work in open-air environments, greatly reducing the cost of investment.
  • The design of the vertical coal mill system is simple and reasonable, saving unnecessary equipment investment and reducing the total investment of the equipment.
This is a vertical coal mill for pulverized coal project
This is a vertical coal mill for pulverized coal project

The working principle of the vertical coal grinding mill is similar to that of vertical raw mill.

  1. Grinding mill motor start: The start working of vertical coal mill is driven by an electric motor.
  2. The raw coal enters the vertical mill bin: The reducer drives the millstone to rotate, and the raw coal enters into the mill through the feed port, scattering on the millstone.
  3. Grinding the raw coal: Due to the effect of hydraulic pressure, the extrusion between the grinding rollers and the millstone causes the big pieces of raw coal crushed. However, the small pieces of raw coal will be crushed to coal powder by the sliding friction caused by the relative motion between the grinding rollers and the millstone.
  4. Pulverized coal drying: Raw coal is grinded in the vertical coal mill and dried by hot air (usually below 300 degrees) into the vertical roller coal mill, which meets the drying standard of finished pulverized coal.
  5. Separation of finished coal powder: The pulverized coal powder is sent to the powder concentrator through the rising hot air stream for separation. The coal powder meeting the fineness requirement is transported to the pulverized coal bin, and the unqualified coarse coal is sent back to the vertical coal mill for further grinding.

Relevant Projects

Technical Data

Grinding Table Diameter (mm)Grinding Roller Diameter (mm)Quantity of roller (PCS)Capacity(t/h)Motor Power(kW)

Material Application

Cement raw meal
Cement raw meal
Quartz stone
Quartz stone
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