These are vertical ball mills

Vertical Ball Mill

Applications: Vertical ball mill can be widely used in electronic materials, magnetic materials, ceramic glaze slurry, ink pigment, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Vertical Ball Mill Details

Vertical ball mill is a mill in which the barrel is vertically fixed and the grinding medium is driven by the grinding shaft to grind the material.

The vertical ball mill integrates the dispersion and grinding of materials, and the grinding medium has a strong impact force in the barrel. It is suitable for materials with high viscosity and difficult to grind, such as high-hardness carbon black.

Vertical ball mill project

The vertical ball mill has stable performance, supports dry and wet grinding, and has unique performance for coarse and thickened materials. Vertical ball mill can be widely used for dispersion and grinding of solid or powder materials in paint, medicine, building materials, chemical industry and other industries.

Structural Features Of Vertical Ball Mill

The barrel of the vertical ball mill is a welded structure, and a protective lining is attached to the inner wall. There is an opening on the cylinder body to facilitate the maintenance of the mixing shaft and the replacement of mixing medium. There are spiral blades on the stirring shaft of the vertical ball mill, and the stirring structure is made of wear-resistant materials.

The media in the barrel of the vertical ball mill includes grinding media and crushed material transport media. The grinding medium is generally wear-resistant steel balls. The ball diameter is smaller than that of horizontal ball mill. Glass balls or ceramic balls (such as vertical ceramic ball mill) can also be used according to the grinding requirements. For the case where the finished product has special purity, the grinding medium can also be the raw material with a larger size (such as SAG mill).

Dry vertical ball mill
Dry vertical ball mill
Wet vertical ball mill
Wet vertical ball mill

The crushed material transport media of vertical ball mills is divided into dry and wet types, so vertical ball mill also have dry vertical ball mill and wet vertical ball mill. The transport media in the dry-type vertical mill is generally air, and the protective gas can be used for the easily oxidized materials. Wet vertical mill generally use water as the transport medium, and can also be replaced with oil or other liquids.

Working Principle Of Vertical Ball Mill

The stirring shaft of the vertical ball mill drives the steel balls to turn in a vortex shape, and the materials are ground and crushed by the squeezing force generated by the movement of the steel balls, so as to achieve the grinding effect.

Qualified materials overflow with the rise of the transport medium, and the qualified materials always arrive at the outlet earlier than the unqualified materials, so as to realize the classification.

Working principle of vertical ball mill

Product Advantages of Vertical Ball Mill

  1. There is no dead angle in the grinding barrel of the vertical ball mill, the homogenization effect is good, the equipment is few and the operation is simple.
  2. The special mixing shaft structure of vertical ball mill can increase the collision rate of medium and increase the grinding times.
  3. It is convenient to adjust and control production and has strong adaptability to various performance raw materials.
  4. Double layer barrel, special cooling loop, good cooling performance, fast discharging and easy cleaning.
  5. The closed system of vertical ball mill has less air leakage, which can reduce the specification, investment and power consumption of electrostatic precipitator for waste gas treatment.

Technical Data

ModelVolume of Barrel(L)Grinding Media Load(L)Motor Power(kw)Size L×W×H(m)
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