This is a rotary ball mill

Rotary Ball Mill

Applications: Rotary ball mill is widely used in refractory, chemical, metallurgy, glass, sand making, and other industries.

Rotary Ball Mill Details

The rotary ball mill is a kind of traditional ball mill machine. Different from the vertical ball mill, it adopts a horizontal barrel type rotating structure. There are two types of rotary ball mill, dry type and wet type, which can be chosen by users according to their actual situation.

The company adopts advanced controllable feeding and discharging technology, combined with the actual grinding materials, equipped with grinding media (steel balls) of appropriate size. When the rotating ball mill grinds the material, the traditional surface contact is changed to the line contact, so that the output particle size is more uniform and the output is higher.

Wet type rotary ball mill
Wet type rotary ball mill
Dry type rotating ball mill
Dry type rotating ball mill

The rotating ball mill is widely used in grinding operations with high requirements on the uniformity of finished products in refractory, chemical, metallurgical, and glass industries. In recent years, it has also been used in the sand making industry of construction sand, etc.

Rotary Ball Mill Working Principle

The grinding principle of the rotary ball mill is different from that of the vibration ball mill, which uses the high-frequency vibration of the cylinder to grind the materials, and it is also different from the attritor ball mill which uses the agitator to stir the grinding media to grind the materials.

The rotary ball mill uses the rotary motion of the cylinder to drive the grinding steel ball to fall after reaching a certain height, which produces a heavy blow and grinding effect on the material, and then grinds the material.

Working principle of rotary ball mill

Structural Features Of Rotary Ball Mill

Rotary ball mill is composed of feeding part, discharging part, turning part, transmission part (reducer, small transmission gear, motor, electric control) and other main parts. The hollow shaft of the rotary ball mill is made of cast steel, and the lining can be removed and replaced. The large rotary gear is processed by casting hobbing, and the cylinder body is equipped with a wear-resistant lining board, which has good wear resistance. The rotating ball mill runs smoothly, safe, and reliable.

The structure of ball mill
The structure of ball mill

The barrel of the rotary ball mill is divided into two bins, and the grid liner at the discharge end is used for discharge. Therefore, customers can choose a dry grate rotary ball mill and wet grate rotary ball mill according to their own needs. Our company can provide customers with a free trial of rotary ball mill, also can design a variety of beneficiation process, welcome to leave a message at any time to consult.

Technical Data

Specification(mm)Capacity(t/h)Effective Volume(m³)Rotate Speed(r/min)Motor Power(kw)Weight(t)
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