Coal Water Slurry Ball Mill
They are coal water slurry ball mills

Coal Water Slurry Ball Mill

Coal water slurry ball mill (CWS ball mill) is the key equipment for coal water slurry fuel production, which is commonly used in coal water slurry power plant. Coal water slurry ball mill is grinding equipment specially used for coal water slurry production. Its specifications, structure and working conditions must meet the requirements of coal water slurry production scale, production process characteristics, rheological characteristics, product particle size, and coal type characteristics.

As the main equipment of the raw material grinding link in the coal water slurry production line, the fineness of the coal powder ground by the coal water slurry ball mill directly affects the quality of the subsequent products of the coal water slurry. A high-quality coal water slurry ball mill can guarantee the efficiency and fineness of pulverized coal grinding. Therefore, it is easier to fully mix the pulverized coal and the solvent, and the utilization rate of the pulverized coal can be improved, and the occurrence of environmental pollution can be reduced.

Grinding is a key link in the process of coal water slurry preparation. Different from grinding in other industries, it not only requires the product to achieve a certain fineness, but more importantly, the product should have a good particle size distribution. The structure, operation condition and grinding process of coal water slurry ball mill meet the requirements of coal water slurry for production process. Therefore, coal water slurry ball mill is the most suitable grinding equipment for coal water slurry production line.

Coal Water Slurry Introduced​

Coal Water Slurry
  • Coal water slurry (CWS) is a new type of clean coal-based fuel. It uses coal as the main material, water as the auxiliary material, and a small number of chemical additives. It is made by grinding, refining, and uniformly mixing with special equipment and technology.
  • CWS converts coal from traditional solid fuels to liquid fuels and can be pumped, piped, atomized, burned, and stored in storage tanks like liquid fuels.

Coal Water Slurry Processing Process

  1. Raw coal flotation. The raw coal and lump coal are coarsely crushed by the crusher and crushed to 3mm to meet the feed size of the CWS ball mill. The cleaned coal obtained by flotation is mixed and stirred in a mixing tank by adding a certain proportion of water.
  2. Cleaned coal grinding. The mixed slurry of clean coal is sent to the coal water slurry ball mill for wet grinding. During the grinding process, a certain proportion of additives needs to be added.

  3. Slurry filtration. The coal water slurry finely ground by the coal water slurry ball mill flows through the vibrating screen for slurry filtering operation. The filtered coal water slurry enters into the slurry storage tank to obtain the finished coal water slurry.

Coal Selection for Coal Water Slurry Production Line

Raw coal should be screened for coal water slurry production. Due to the different types of coal water slurry, the needs of users will be different, so the requirements of coal use will also be different. The purpose of coal preparation is to meet the user’s requirements for ash, sulfur, and calorific value of coal water slurry.

The coal water slurry should be made of cleaned coal or low-sulfur and low-ash coal. After coal is washed, 30%-40% of sulfur can be removed (60%-80% of pyrite sulfur is removed), ash (gangue, etc.) removed by 50%-80%, and the amount of original smoke and ash can be reduced. Therefore, the sulfur content and ash content in the slurry is low.

Specification of Coal Water Slurry Ball Mill

Specification(m)Capacity(t/h)Rotate Speed(r/min)Grinding Media Load(t)Effective volume(m³)Motor Power(kw)Weight(t)
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