Attritor Ball Mill

Applications: It is suitable for metal, nonmetal ore, paint, ink, pigment, paper coating, ceramic glaze, magnetic material, plastic filler, functional material and other industries.

Attritor Ball Mill Details

Attritor ball mill also called stirred ball mill,  is a kind of ultrafine grinding equipment with high output and energy saving.

With the development of science and technology, there are more and more applications of ultra-fine powders in industry. From ultra-fine grinding of metal and non-metal raw materials to deep processing of new composite materials, dozens of minerals are processed.

The use of attritor mill to turn these materials into powder can effectively increase the specific surface area of the material, thereby strengthening the subsequent process flow, and its application value can be greatly improved.

Attritor ball mill for superfine grinding
Attritor ball mill for superfine grinding
Attritor ball mill for metal and non-metal grinding
Attritor mill for metal and non-metal grinding

The attritor ball mill is a kind of vertical ball mill, and the cylinder runs vertically. Compared with the horizontal ball mill, the attritor ball mill has the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving, low noise, large grinding ratio, small area, low capital construction cost, no excessive grinding phenomenon, and strong adaptability to materials.

The attritor ball mill has the agitator structure of high strength and high wear resistance. It has a moderate stirring speed and can be used in large-scale grinding production lines.

These advantages make the attritor ball mill as a high reliability of grinding equipment in some advanced industrial countries are used in precious metals, nonferrous metals and other grinding process, and play a role in ultra-fine grinding.

Working Principle Of Attritor Ball Mill

The attritor ball mill has a simple structure and is mainly composed of a mixing drum, agitator, transmission device, frame, and lubrication system.

The attritor ball mill is also called attritor mill, and its grinding medium is generally steel balls or ceramic balls. A spiral agitator is hung in the cylinder, and the transmission device on the cylinder makes the spiral agitator rotate clockwise (top view), so that the grinding medium can make an overall multi-dimensional circulation and rotation movement in the cylinder.

The material is crushed under the grinding medium weight pressure and the extrusion pressure caused by the rotation of the agitator. The cylinder of the attritor mill overflow goes through the cyclone, and the bottom of the cyclone passes through the slurry pump and returns to the cylinder body to repeat the crushing process. At the same time, the overflow enters the next flow.

The movement of the grinding medium in the cylinder of the attritor ball mill is unique. The rotating agitator stirs the grinding medium and makes the grinding medium move up and down. The grinding medium moves upward along the central axis, the top medium is pushed to the outside and spirals downward to the right along the wall of the tower, and the medium at the bottom of the cylinder moves upward along the spiral so that the medium circulates repeatedly in the cylinder.

Features of agitator ball mill

  • The agitated ball mill can quickly grind and disperse fine and uniform materials, with simple and efficient operation and easy maintenance.
  • The material does not need to be premixed, and other formulation ingredients can be added at any time during the grinding process without downtime.
  • Insulated water jackets are designed to maintain process temperatures during grinding (cooling or heating operations).
  • The grinding barrel of the stirred ball mill is designed to be tiltable, which is easier to maintain.

Types of Agitators in the Attritor Ball Mill

According to different application requirements, the agitator of the attritor ball mill can be divided into three types, namely, spiral agitator, disc agitator and rod agitator.

Spiral agitator
Spiral agitator
Disc agitator
Disc agitator
Rod agitator
Rod agitator

Technical Data

ModelVolume of Barrel(L)Grinding Media Load(L)Inventory Rating(kg)Motor Power(kw)Agitation Shaft Rotation Speed(RPM)Size(mm)Machine Weight(kg)
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