Graphite grinding


Graphite grinding

Graphite Introduced

Graphite mineral is a natural mineral material. Natural graphite obtained through graphite mining is rarely pure, and generally contains 10-20% impurities. Graphite ore is obtained by graphite powder grinding mill such as ball mill machine or vertical roller mill to obtain graphite powder, which has a wide range of applications. After graphite processing, graphite powders with different purity can be obtained to meet the different needs of graphite powder purity in various fields. Graphite processing mainly includes graphite grinding by graphite powder grinding mill and graphite flotation by flotation equipment.

Graphite powder has the advantages of high-temperature resistance, good electrical conductivity, good thermal conductivity, stable chemical properties, strong plasticity, strong thermal shock resistance, etc., making graphite uses is very big. Especially graphite powder processed by graphite powder grinding mill can be used as a refractory material, a conductive material, and wear-resistant lubricating material. It is also used in defense, aerospace, new materials, and other fields.

Graphite Crushing and Grinding Process

Graphite crushing and grinding process

1.Graphite mineral crushing

Large pieces of graphite minerals are crushed by a crusher for primary crushing so that the graphite ore reaches the required feed fineness of the graphite stone grinding mill.

2.Graphite grinding

Graphite stone is broken into small particles with fineness between 15-50mm by crusher and transported to the silo by elevator. Then it is transported to the ball mill or vertical coal mill through the electromagnetic feeder for grinding. Then it is transported to the graphite ore ball mill or vertical coal mill through the electromagnetic vibrating feeder for grinding. The electromagnetic vibrating feeder absorbs and screens out magnetic impurities mixed in graphite through electromagnetic action.

3.Classification of graphite powder

The graphite powder ground by the graphite powder grinding mill is sent to the powder classifier for classification, and the unqualified graphite powder particles are sent back to the graphite ore ball mill for regrinding.

4.Collect powder

The graphite powder conforming to the fineness is discharged from the graphite powder mill and enters the dust collector for separation and collection.

The Main Equipment for Graphite Grinding

Graphite ball mill

Graphite Ball Mill

1.Graphite ore ball mill investment is small.

2.The continuous operation of a graphite ball mill can achieve long-term operation and create high efficiency in the later period.

3.The graphite stone grinding mill adopts advanced technology, which has obvious energy-saving and environmental protection effects, and low operating cost

Vertical graphite mill

Vertical Graphite Mill

1.Vertical graphite mill has low energy consumption and high product fineness.

2.Vertical graphite mill has high production efficiency and strong material drying capacity.

3.Vertical graphite mill covers a smaller area and is easy to operate and maintain.

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