Application of Silver Ore Ball Mill in 300t/d Morocco Silver Mining Project

This is Morocco silver mining project

Project Description

The main equipment AGICO GROUP equipped for this silver mine mining project is a silver ore ball mill. The converted silver ore processing plant has a daily production capacity of 300 tons, the silver recovery rate has increased to 83.95%, and the cost has been reduced by 15%, bringing more economic benefits to customers.

The silver mining plant is located in Morocco. After years of development, much silver mining equipment has fallen into disrepair. The traditional silver mining process has many technical defects, and the processing capacity can no longer meet the company’s production goals, and the silver recovery rate is decreasing year by year. Therefore, the mining company decided to transform it, introduce new silver mining equipment such as silver ore ball mills, and invite a professional team to redesign the silver mining process.

Silver ore processing plant
Silver ore processing plant

The metal minerals of the ore of the project are mainly natural silver, pyrite, limonite, etc., the gangue minerals are quartz, feldspar, clay minerals, etc., and the recyclable element is silver.

Equipment Features

The project used two different types of silver ore ball mills in the ore milling process of the silver mine, one is a wet type grate ball mill, and the other is a wet type overflow ball mill. According to the needs of processing minerals, the grate type silver ore ball mill is used for the first stage grinding, and the overflow type silver ore ball mill is used for the second stage grinding.

Specification(mm)Capacity(t/h)Output Size(mm)Motor Power(kW)Type
φ1830×30004-100.074-0.4130Wet grate
φ2100×30006.5-360.074-0.4155Wet overflow

The grate type silver ore ball mill is a low-level discharge, and there is little pulp stored in the ball mill. The finely ground ore particles can be discharged in time, thereby reducing the over-crushing of the crushed stone and increasing the output per unit volume. Therefore, it is suitable for the first stage of silver milling and can obtain coarse-grained products with uniform particle size. The overflow type silver ore ball mill has a simple structure and is more convenient for management and maintenance. Due to the reverse thread structure of the discharge pipe, large pieces of silver ore and steel balls are not easily excluded from the machine. Therefore, it is more suitable for the second stage of fine grinding.

Design of 300t/d Silver Mine Production Line in Silver Ore Beneficiation Plant

1. Silver ore crushing stage

In the crushing stage of silver ore, two semi-closed circuit crushing modes are adopted. Both coarse and medium crushing of silver ore is completed by jaw crushers. The minerals are screened by the circular vibrating screen, the minerals that meet the requirements enter the fine crushing process, and the minerals that do not meet the requirements are returned to the jaw crusher for secondary crushing. The materials that are finely crushed by the cone crusher are transported by the belt conveyor to the silver ore ball mill section for grinding.

2. Silver ore grinding stage

This section adopts a closed-circuit process, which is divided into the first section and the second section of silver mine grinding. The first stage ore mill uses a wet type grate ball mill, and the discharge ore uses a jig machine for heavy separation. Concentrates are selected using a shaking table for selection, and high weir type single spiral classifiers are used for gravitational tailings classification. Wet overflow type ball mill is selected for the second stage ore mill, and hydrocyclone group is selected for classification.

Crusher in silver ore beneficiation plant
Crusher in silver ore beneficiation plant
Silver ore ball mill
Silver ore ball mill

3. Silver flotation stage

The concentrate dewatering operation uses two mechanical dewatering processes. The first-stage dehydration uses a thickener, and the second-stage dehydration uses a filter press. The filter cake contains about 20% water. The tailings are directly discharged to the original tailings pond, and the backwater is recycled.

Slurry preparation stage

The slurry mixing system adopts the method of grabbing the ore, mixes the slurry through a high-concentration stirring tank, and uses the existing grinding and grading system for operation. After the cyclone overflow is concentrated by the thickener, it is sent to the existing leaching system. The leaching time is more than 60h, and then after five stages of washing, the precious liquor is removed for zinc powder replacement smelting, and the tailings are treated and pumped to the tailings pond.

300t/d silver mining project summary

The project, which has updated the latest silver ore ball mill and other silver mining equipment, has been officially in operation for three months, and all indicators have reached or exceeded customer expectations. The data shows that the production cost of the silver concentrator has been reduced by 15%, which is 5% lower than the customer’s expected investment control cost. After the original silver ore is ground, re-selected, and flotation, the silver recovery rate is as high as 83.95%. The operation of the silver ore processing plant is stable, the quality of equipment is reliable, and the beneficiation indicators and economic benefits have reached expectations. The professional silver ore beneficiation process service provided by the AGICO GROUP team has been highly praised by customers.

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