1500t/d Continuous Ball Mill for Copper Mining in Pakistan


Project Description

The 1500t/d Pakistan copper mine project uses a continuous copper ball mill for copper mining as the main equipment. The raw ore composition of the project is relatively simple, and the metal minerals are mainly chalcopyrite and pyrite. The main components of non-metallic minerals are quartz, chlorite, etc. The copper powder ball milled is obtained in the process of copper ore beneficiation, at the same time, the useful copper elements are recovered from it. This copper mine project is located in Pakistan, and the crude ore contains 0.8% copper. After the beneficiation of the copper ore production line designed by AGICO GROUP, the yield reached 3.45%, the copper content rose to 20.78%, and finally, a concentrate with a copper recovery rate of 90.05% was obtained.

AGICO AGOUP is a China ball mill manufacturer trusted by customers, and its product quality has been affirmed by Pakistani customers. The copper ball mill at the copper mine has been tested and has been put into formal production operation. The output has gradually increased steadily to the daily output expected by the customer.

Ball mill at the copper mine
Ball mill at the copper mine
Jaw crushers for copper mining
Jaw crushers for copper mining

Equipment Features

The copper mine project uses a continuous ball mill with a daily output of 1,500 tons. The ball mill for copper mining is an ore ball mill specially designed for copper mine mining. AGICO GROUP designed and used a copper ball mill with an output of 98-386t/h for this project. Combined with crushers, hydro cyclones, flotation machines, and other equipment, they form a copper mining production line. The copper production line has the following processing advantages.

  • The copper ore beneficiation production line has a reasonable layout design, high production efficiency, stable operation, and good performance.
  • The ball mill at the copper mine has a high production capacity, and the finished product after processing has high purity and good quality.
  • The ball mill for copper mining has a good environmental protection effect, no dust, and noise pollution.
Specification(mm)Capacity(t/h)Rotate Speed(r/min)Grinding Media Load(t)Output Size(mm)Motor Power(kW)Weight(t)

Design of the Beneficiation Process of the Copper Mine Production Line

Crushing and screening stage

The coarse and semi-crushing of copper ore requires the use of jaw crushers. Next, the coarsely crushed copper ore particles enter the cone crusher for further fine crushing process. The finely crushed copper ore is sent to a vibrating screen for screening operations, and finally crushed ore smaller than 25mm enters the next process.

Grinding and classification stage

Wet type rotary ball mills are used for mining operations. The feed size of the ball mill for copper mining should be less than 25mm. Copper ore particles that meet the feed size of the ball mill are sent into the copper mine ball mill. The copper powder ball milled needs to be classified. The linear vibrating screen is used for pre-classification, and hydro cyclone is used for control classification. The final grinding fineness of 200 meshes can reach 68%.

Flotation stage

At this stage, lime is used as the regulator. XCF and KYF flotation machines are used for roughing and sweeping operations and BF flotation machines are used for two selection operations. In the end, the flotation copper concentrate grade was 20%, and the copper recovery rate reached 90%.

Cone crushers for copper mining
Cone crushers for copper mining
BF flotation machines
BF flotation machines

Concentrate dehydration stage

Respectively select high-efficiency reformed thickeners and box filter presses for the first and second-stage dehydration operations. In the end, the copper concentrate filter cake contains approximately 20% water.

The development of copper resources has super high economic value. Through an in-depth study on the characteristics of the copper mine in Pakistan, our expert team not only configured a reasonable ball mill at the copper mine dressing production line but also designed a reasonable beneficiation production process for it. Customers comment that the copper ball mill for copper mining produced by our company is very stable and safe in copper mine production, and the processing efficiency is very high. This completely exceeded their expectations.

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AGICO GROUP has the design and manufacturing experience of a variety of ore production lines and can customize various ball milling machines and other mining equipment to meet the needs of users. Welcome to send inquiries.

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