85tph Cement Ball Mill Put Into Operation In Indian Cement Plant

85tph cement ball mill project

Project Description

Demand for the project came from customers of cement factory in India. Customers need to purchase cement ball mill for cement clinker grinding. Through communicating with customers, we provide them with reasonable solutions. Combined with the daily output of cement and grinding precision requirements of cement plant, a cement ball mill with output of 85t/h can meet the production requirements. Through design and manufacture, field installation and commissioning, 85t/h cement ball mill has been officially put into production. After a period of running-in, the cement ball mill can now reach the maximum output of 85 tons per hour. The successful completion of 85t/h cement ball mill project provides customers with good cement clinker grinding services, which not only saves production costs for customers, but also improves their production efficiency.

Ball mill in Indian cement plant
85t/h Ball mill in Indian cement plant
Our expert with Indian customers
Our expert with Indian customers

Equipment Features

The cement grinding is arranged after the cement raw meal calcination process. Cement raw meal is calcined in rotary kiln. Carbonate and other main components are further decomposed rapidly and a series of solid-state reactions occur, and the particles of various minerals are formed, namely cement clinker. After cooling, the clinker is fed into the cement ball mill for grinding. The cement ball mill grinds the cement clinker particles to a suitable particle size, forms a certain particle level, increases the hydration area, accelerates the hydration speed, and meets the requirements of cement slurry coagulation and hardening.

Cement raw meal calcination process
Cement raw meal calcination process

85t/h cement ball mill is a new type of high yield grinding equipment developed and produced by AGICO. It can be produced in a single machine or in parallel, increasing the total production per unit time. The cement ball mill specification is Φ4.2×13, and the maximum amount of built-in grinding steel ball is 224 tons, which can guarantee the grinding fineness of the material under the premise of large output.

Specification(m)Capacity(t/h)Rotate Speed(r/min)Grinding Media Load(t)Motor Power(kW)Weight(t)

Solution Advantages

  1. High output and low energy consumption. The 85t/h cement ball mill has high output, low energy consumption and good energy saving effect.
  2. Low pollution. Cement ball mill sealing system and dust removal system are relatively perfect, the dust emission in the production process is less.
  3. High energy conversion rate. The electric energy and heat energy generated in the production of 85t/h cement ball mill are fully utilized and the conversion rate is high.
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