Ball Mill Machine

Types of Ball Mill We Can Provide

Ball mill machine is a kind of mining and cement milling equipment with the highest application ratio in the industrial field. Because internal ball mill grinding media are mostly spherical in different specifications and materials, so it is named ball mill machine.

As a professional ball mill machine manufacturer and supplier, we can provide types of ball mill according to customer’s requirements.

According to production mode: dry ball mill (without adding water) and wet ball mill.

According to the process used: dryer mill, superfine ball mill, open-circuit mill, closed-circuit grinding mill, etc.

According to raw materials: raw mill, cement ball mill, coal ball mill, steel slag ball mill, slag ball mill, quartz ball mill, aluminum ash ball mill, etc.

Ball mill machine

Ball Mill Principle

Inner stucture of ball mill

The ball mill machine is mainly composed of cylindrical cylinder, end cover, bearing and big gear ring.

Cylinder: The cylinder is filled with a ball mill grinding media (steel balls or steel cylpebs) with a diameter of 25mm-150mm. The loading capacity is 25%-50% effective volume of the whole cylinder.

End cover: The end cover is provided at both ends of the cylinder body, which is connected with the cylinder body by screws. There are holes in the middle of the end cover to facilitate feeding and discharging.

Bearing: It used to support the cylinder so that the cylinder can rotate.

The ball mill working process is carried out in the cylinder. After the ball mill grinding media in the cylinder body is brought to a certain height with the rotation of the cylinder body, the ball mill grinding media falls due to its self-weight, and the raw materials in the cylinder body are severely impacted by the grinding media. 

On the other hand, due to the revolution and rotation of the grinding media along the cylinder axis in the cylinder body, the extrusion and peeling force of materials are generated between the grinding media and the contact area between the grinding media and the cylinder body, thereby grinding the material.

Ball mill principle
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Ball Mill Grinding Media

Ball mill grinding media

The ball mill grinding media is generally spherical or small cylindrical steel cylpebs, the material can be steel, ceramic, glass, and even rubber. Because ball mill grinding media of different materials and sizes can be selected, the ball mill machine can be used to grind raw materials with various properties and hardness.

The most common grinding medium in ball mill is spherical steel grinding medium. These steel balls are generally made of iron and carbon alloys, sometimes with the addition of chromium element. Through the blending of these elements, a grinding media steel ball with extremely high hardness and wear resistance is created. Steel balls are usually made by forging or casting.

Types of Ball Mill

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