Selection and Design of Ball Mill Liners

Ball mill liners inside of the ball mill

The ball mill liners are located on the inner surface of the ball mill barrel, which protects the barrel from the direct impact and friction of the grinding media and the material. The ball mill liners’ material and shape are different base on requirements. When the grinding media contacts different shapes of ball mill liners, the movement state will also change, thus enhancing the crushing effect on the material. This design of the mill liners effectively improves the grinding efficiency of the ball mill machine, increases production, and reduces metal consumption.

The grinding mill liners are the main wearing part of the ball mill equipment. The ball mill liner replacement should in time when the lining plate is excessively worn. Therefore, the selection and design of mill liners have always been of great concern to users.

Function Design of Ball Mill Liners

As one of the professional ball mill liners manufacturers, we summarize the main functions of the three-point ball mill liners. It mainly involves the protection of the barrel and the control of the grinding medium.

Protect the ball mill barrel and enhance the rigidity of the barrel

The mill liner is installed inside the ball mill barrel, separating the grinding media from the barrel, effectively buffering the direct impact of the grinding media on the barrel. Therefore, the barrel is protected, and the service life of the barrel and the entire ball mill equipment is prolonged. The ball mill liners are embedded with the barrel, and at the same time, the rigidity of the barrel is enhanced.

Drive the grinding media movement

Due to the special shape of the grinding mill liner surface, the grinding media contacts the grinding mill liners, and the huge friction force drives the steel ball upward. The steel ball is lifted to a certain height and dropped, while impacting and grinding materials.

Desgin of ball mill liners

Graded grinding media

Angle spiral grinding mill liner and cone classification liner have automatic classification function, which can make grinding media of different quality in the cylinder carry out reasonable forward classification along the axial direction of the mill and the change of material size. The automatic grading ball mill liners enable the larger steel balls in the barrel to be concentrated at the feed end to crush larger materials, while the smaller steel balls are concentrated at the discharge end to crush smaller materials.

The Selection and Classification Design of Mill Liners

Different ball mill equipment is suitable for different grinding materials, and the type of grinding mill liners selected will also be different. For example, is the rod mill liners the same as the sag mill liner design? Which type of cement mill liner should be used to grind cement in order to reduce the frequency of ball mill liner replacement as much as possible?

Classification based on different ball mill liners materials

Rubber mill liners
Rubber mill liners
Alloy steel mill liners
Alloy steel mill liners

According to the material classification, the common ball mill liners mainly include high manganese steel mill liners, alloy steel mill liners, rubber mill liners, ceramic mill liners and magnetic mill liners.

The mainstream ball mill liners materials currently used in the market are alloy steel and rubber. Alloy steel mill liner is wear-resistant and impact-resistant. Alloy steel has good physical and chemical properties due to its alloy properties, and its service life is more than twice that of high-manganese steel. The ball mill rubber liner has a high wear resistance index, high rebound rate, and high abrasion resistance and tear strength. It also has the advantage of reducing noise.

Classification based on different ball mill liners shapes

Different ball mill liners shapes

According to different grinding requirements, ball mill liners are roughly divided into 9 types, which are wedge-shaped, corrugated, flat-convex, flat, stepped, elongated, rudder-shaped, K-shaped ball mill rubber liner and B-shaped ball mill rubber liner. These 9 kinds of grinding mill liners can be classified into two categories: smooth grinding mill liner and unsmooth grinding mill liner.

The smooth grinding mill liner has a large sliding property, has a strong grinding effect, and is suitable for fine grinding processes. The friction of the unsmoothed grinding mill liner is large, which can improve the material and steel ball very well, and has strong agitation effect, so it is more suitable for rough grinding process.

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