How to Reasonably Plan the Cost of AAC Blocks Manufacturing Plant

ACC block plant cost

As a professional supplier of the AAC block manufacturing plant, AGICO CEMENT frequently receives inquiries from customers regarding the AAC block plant cost. Questions such as “Can $1 million build an AAC block plant with an annual output of 200,000 cubic meters?” and “Does the mini AAC plant cost much lower than that of a regular AAC block factory?” are received daily. Today, we will provide a detailed explanation of how much money is required to invest in an AAC block plant.

To Start Your AAC Blocks Bussiness, What are the Main Aspects of Investment?

An AAC block plant cost may be broken down into four basic components: the price of the AAC block machine, the price of building and buying the land, the price of raw materials, and the price of fuel and labor. It is crucial to properly analyze and plan for each of these areas of investment before starting an AAC block factory. A successful and lucrative AAC block production business can be attained with careful thought and planning in each of these investment areas.

What is the difference in investment cost between the various AAC block machine specifications?

Some consumers directly inquire as to an entire set of AAC plant costs. The unique requirements of the customer, equipment specifications, and the manufacturing procedures for the AAC blocks all play a role in how this issue should be answered. In other words, a variety of factors affect how much an AAC block production process costs.

Factors Affecting the AAC Block Plant Cost | AGICO CEMENT

An AAC block machine’s investment cost can change based on its capacity, level of automation, and technology employed. For instance, a machine with a bigger capacity, more sophisticated technology, and higher degrees of automation will often cost more than one with a lower capacity and lower levels of automation.

The quantity of the investment will also rely on the customer’s particular needs. The quantity and quality of the finished product, as well as the degree of customization needed, will all have an impact on the project’s ultimate cost.

Therefore, it is crucial to consider all pertinent elements when determining the investment amount for an AAC block machine and to collaborate closely with a supplier who can offer specialized solutions depending on the unique requirements of the client.

Various Production Processes of Auto Aerated Concrete Blocks

investment cost between various AAC block machine specifications

The production processes required for AAC block production lines are different, and the required equipment is also different. There are two main AAC block manufacturing processes on the market today: non-autoclave and autoclave. The price of non-autoclave AAC block production line is generally cheaper than autoclave AAC block production line, the investment cost difference is about two-thirds.

Different Basic Materials for AAC Blocks

Different types of materials can be used for producing AAC blocks. The mainstream materials for AAC blocks can be categorized into three series: cement-lime-sand, cement-lime-fly ash, and cement-slag-sand. The different materials used can result in different equipment requirements for AAC block plants, leading to differences in AAC block machine costs. Generally, the cost of AAC block block plants for slag series > sand series > fly ash series.

Different Production Capacities of AAC Block Machines

The production capacity of AAC block machine varies depending on the size of the AAC block plant. AGICO CEMENT has produced single AAC brick plant orders with capacities ranging from 50,000 cubic meters per year to 300,000 cubic meters per year. The larger the annual production capacity, the higher the AAC plant cost.

Fly ash ball mill for ACC block plant
Fly ash ball mill for AAC block plant
Cutting machine for AAC block plant
Cutting machine for AAC block plant
Overturning hoist machine for AAC block plant
Overturning hoist machine for AAC block plant
Trolley for AAC block plant
Trolley for AAC block plant

The automation level of AAC block machine

Equipment with a high level of automation can save more labor costs, but at the same time, it also requires higher investment. Customers can choose according to their own needs.

Numerous pieces of equipment make up the complete AAC block manufacturing line, and the AAC block plant cost costis made up of the unit costs of hundreds of different items. For example, fly ash ball mill, limestone ball mill, cement clinker grinding plant, etc. AGICO CEMENT has always upheld the ideals of reasonable and fair pricing, and will never withhold or artificially inflate the costs of any machinery. Numerous clients have praised the AAC block plant solutions we developed for them.

Other factors affecting the cost of AAC block plant

Raw materials:

It is important to ensure a stable source of raw materials in the vicinity of the plant. If the source of raw materials is close to the plant, a significant amount of transportation costs can be saved.

Factory site:

The site for the AAC block plant is determined based on investment and production capacity. Typically, a production line with an annual capacity of 50,000 to 300,000 cubic meters requires a site of 13,000 to 33,000 square meters. The actual site area needs to be considered based on the specific terrain and surrounding environmental factors of the customer’s location.

Fuel cost:

The location of the factory should consider whether the fuel required for AAC block production is easy to transport, which can reduce the transportation cost of fuel expenditure.

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