Water-Granulated Blast Furnace Slag Ball Mill
This is a water-granulated blast furnace slag ball mill

Water-Granulated Blast Furnace Slag Ball Mill

Water-granulated blast furnace slag ball mill (grain slag ball mill) is a professional ball mill equipment for grinding water granulated slag. Water-granulated blast furnace slag, also known as water granulated slag, is a by-product produced in blast furnace smelting. Improper disposal of water granulated slag will cause soil poisoning, pollution of water sources, atmosphere, etc., which will seriously affect the ecology and cause serious waste of resources. After in-depth research on the composition and chemical properties of water slag, AGICO GROUP has designed a water-granulated blast furnace slag ball mill for making harmless water granulated slag powder after long-term experiments and practice.

Water granulated slag ball mill, together with raw mill and cement ball mill, have a wide range of applications in the cement industry. Limestone, the main raw material for making cement, has been over-exploited in recent years and the cost has increased significantly. In order to reduce the production cost of cement, the micro-powder of substitute resource grain slag appeared in the processing workshop of the cement plant. As the grinding equipment of grain slag powder, water granulated slag ball mill has been favored by customers in recent years due to its uniform grinding particle size and strong processing capacity.

AGICO GROUP water-granulated blast furnace slag ball mill adopts rolling bearing to drive large gear edge transmission mode, built-in thin oil lubrication system, arc-shaped air duct, and many other new technologies. The internal compartment and ball loading ratio are designed according to customer requirements and particle size. The water granulated slag ball mill has advanced technology and stable welding equipment technology, which can ensure long-term stable discharge of grain slag powder.

Water-Granulated Blast Furnace Slag Introduced​

water granulated slag
  • Water-granulated blast furnace slag is a granulated foamy slag formed by the rapid cooling of blast furnace slag in water.
  • The water granulated slag is milky white, light, crisp, porous, and easy to grind into the fine powder.
  • The peculiar hydraulic cementing properties of water granulated slag determine that it can be a high-quality cement raw material.
  • High-quality cement can be produced by mixing grain slag with cement clinker, gypsum, lime, and other raw materials under the stimulation of activator.
  • It is a soft material for foam silicate building products, slag sound-absorbing bricks, thermal insulation, and water-absorbing layers.

Basic Process of Water-Granulated Blast Furnace Slag Processing

  1. Drying.

    Put the water-granulated blast furnace slag into the dryer for drying, and remove the excess water in the slag. It is convenient to obtain better quality water-granulated blast furnace slag powder in subsequent grinding.

  2. Dedusting.

    The dried water granulated slag is sent to the dust collector for dust removal to ensure the purity of the subsequent finished water granulated slag powder.

  3. Grinding.

    The raw material of water granulated slag is sent into the water-granulated blast furnace slag ball mill by screw conveyor. The material is repeatedly ground in the water granulated slag ball mill until the final material reaches the required particle size of the powder.

  4. Screening.

    The materials are screened through a circular vibrating screen to separate qualified and unqualified products. The unqualified products are sent to the previous link to continue grinding, and the qualified products are finished products of water granulated slag powder.

Specification of Water Granulated Slag Ball Mill

ModelDiameter(mm)Length(mm)Capacity(t/h)Feeding Size(mm)Rotate Speed(r/min)Weight(t)Motor Power(kw)
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