Steel slag ball mill
This is a steel slag ball mill

Steel Slag Ball Mill

Steel slag ball mill is the key equipment of steel slag processing production line. The steel slag ball mill is different from other ball mills. It is a special steel slag grinding equipment developed and produced for the particularity of steel slag grinding.

Steel slag is a kind of industrial waste slag, if it is not used rationally, it will cause environmental pollution. For the treatment of steel slag, enterprises usually adopt crushing, grinding, screening, magnetic separation and other processes to recover part of the metal in steel slag. In addition, some enterprises use the ground steel slag for cement production. Using the steel slag ball mill to process and reuse steel slag can produce rich economic benefits. The steel slag ball mill is one of the main equipment for grinding and processing. It has stable operation, good grinding effect and obvious economic benefit.

The emergence of steel slag ball mill meets the needs of steel slag plant for processing steel slag grinding, and also enables the rational use of steel slag and avoids waste of resources. AGICO GROUP pays attention to product quality, relies on scientific and technological innovation, and constantly optimizes the product structure. The new generation of steel slag ball mill designed and manufactured by our company are widely used in steel plants and have made outstanding contributions in the fields of black and non-ferrous metal processing and glass ceramics.

The steel slag ball mill supports dry and wet grinding modes. According to the different discharge modes, it can be divided into grate type and overflow type ball mill. According to the shape of the barrel, there are three types of steel slag ball mills, they are short barrel, long barrel steel slag ball mill, and conical ball mill.

Steel Slag Introduced​

Steel slag
  • Steel slag is the waste slag discharged in the process of steelmaking.
  • According to the different steelmaking furnace, it can be divided into converter slag, open-hearth slag, and electric furnace slag.
  • Steel slag is mainly composed of calcium, iron, silicon, magnesium and a small amount of oxides such as aluminum, manganese, and phosphorus.
  • Steel slag is a kind of industrial solid waste with large displacement, and its discharge amount is about 15% – 20% of the crude steel output.
  • After processing, steel slag can be widely used in construction, highway, chemical, building materials and other fields.
  • Calcium, silicon, manganese, and other trace elements in steel slag can also be used as effective fertilizer in acid soil.

Basic Process of Steel Slag Processing Production Line

Basic Process of Steel Slag Processing Production Line
  1. Crushing.

    Generally, the grain size of steel slag is relatively large, and jaw crusher and cone crusher are needed to crush the steel slag. The large steel slag is crushed into small pieces to meet the feeding requirements of the steel slag ball mill.

  2. Screening.

    The crushed steel slag is transported to the circular vibrating screen for screening treatment. The steel slag that meets the required size of the slag mill is transported to the next step, and the steel slag particles that do not meet the standard are sent back to the jaw crusher for re-pulverization.

  3. Grinding.

    The steel slag material with the size up to the standard is sent to the steel slag ball mill, and then the material is ground to the required fineness by the steel slag ball mill.

  4. Magnetic separation.

    The steel slag after grinding is sent to magnetic separator for separation. This process can separate the metal iron from the steel slag powder.

  5. Classification.

    The spiral classifier is used to classify the steel slag powder to obtain the finished steel slag powder.

Specification of Steel Slag Ball Mill

ModelDiameter(mm)Length(mm)Capacity(t/h)Feeding Size(mm)Output Size(mm)Rotate Speed(r/min)Grinding Media Load(t)Weight(t)Motor Power(kw)
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