Silica Sand Ball Mill
This is a silica sand ball mill

Silica Sand Ball Mill

Silica sand ball mill is a professional ball mill equipment for grinding silica sand. In some areas, it is also called silica sand grinding mill or silica sand grinding machine. Silica sand is a chemically stable silicate mineral with particle size between 0.02 and 3.35mm. Both silica sand and quartz sand are mainly composed of SiO2, but their hardness and shape are slightly different due to their different silica content. In order to adapt to the hard and wear-resistant physical properties of quartz sand, technicians have developed the silica sand ball mill suitable for grinding hard quartz sand.

Silica sand ball mill is generally used in the production line of silica sand processing plant. Silica sand ball mill can be divided into dry production ball mill and wet production ball mill. Dry grinding is used in the dry type silica sand ball mill, and no liquid is involved in the process of silica sand treatment. Dry-process silica sand production saves energy, has good sealing performance and no dust pollution. Wet process production yield is high and operation cost is low. The silica sand production line equipped with silica sand grinding mill is highly automated and can produce high standard construction sand. The product grinded by silicon sand ball mill has uniform particle size, good grain shape and reasonable gradation. Customers can choose the appropriate model according to their own needs. We can provide free silicon sand grinding machine testing opportunity, welcome to contact us for free test.

Silica Sand Introduced​

Silica Sand
  • The main component of silica sand is silica sand gravel.
  • Silica sand is generally milky white, light yellow, brown and gray, and has high fire resistance.
  • According to different processing methods, it can be divided into artificial silica sand and natural silica sand.
  • According to the different mining methods, it can be divided into washing sand, scrubbing sand, selected (flotation) sand.
  • Silica sand is widely used in glass, ceramics, metallurgy, construction, machinery, rubber, coatings, aviation and environmental fields.

Basic Process of Silica Sand Processing

Basic Process of Silica Sand Processing
  1. Coarse grinding. The stone enters the crusher for coarse crushing, and then sent to the fine crusher by the belt conveyor for secondary crushing. The small piece of silica sand that meets the feed size of the silica sand ball mill is discharged from the crusher, and the oversized silica sand particles are returned to the crusher for further crushing.
  2. Fine grinding. The secondary crushed stones are sent to the silica sand grinding machine through the lifting feeder. There is a certain amount of grinding media in the cylinder of the silica sand grinding mill, usually the total amount is 25~45% of the effective volume. When the motor is driven by the gear to rotate, the grinding media and the material in the mill are driven to move in a corresponding arc under the action of friction and centrifugal force. Through the continuous impact and grinding of the material by the grinding media, the fine grinding of the material is realized.
  3. Sieving. The silica sand ground by the silica sand ball mill enter the vibrating screen for screening. Two kinds of silica sand particles are screened out, one of which is full of finished product size, enters the sand washing machine for sand washing, and the other part that does not meet the requirements is returned to the silica sand grinding mill for grinding.
  4. Sand washing. After being washed by the sand washing machine, the sand is the required finished silica sand.

Specification of Silica Sand Ball Mill

Specification(mm)Capacity(t/h)Rotate Speed(r/min)Grinding Media Load(t)Output Size(mm)Motor Power(kW)Weight(t)
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