Potash Feldspar Ball Mill
This is a potash feldspar ball mill

Potash Feldspar Ball Mill

Potash feldspar ball mill is a grinding equipment for preparing potash feldspar powder. It is well received by customers because of its stable operation and uniform discharge particle size. For the grinding of ores, AGICO GROUP has developed ball mills for different types of minerals, such as limestone ball millquartz ball mill and graphite ball mill. Potash feldspar ball mill is made by our company according to the characteristics of potash feldspar and on the basis of traditional ball mill. Potassium feldspar ball mill with the corresponding air classifier and pulse dust collector constitutes a potassium feldspar powder grading production line. Due to the good grinding effect of potash feldspar ball mill and the processing of potassium feldspar grading production line, the potassium feldspar grinding with particle size between 2mm and 2000mm can be obtained, which is welcomed by customers with different demands. Therefore, potash feldspar ball mill has become a best-selling product in the ball mill equipment of our company.

Potash Feldspar Introduced​

Potash Feldspar
  • Potash feldspar ore has high potassium content and brittleness. Its hardness fluctuates between 6-6.5 and has high compressive strength.
  • Potassium feldspar after deep processing is widely used. The processing of potash feldspar generally requires mineral processing. Potassium feldspar is processed into potassium feldspar powder by potassium feldspar ball mill. It is mainly used in ceramics, chemical industry, glass solvent, ceramic glaze, glass fiber, and other industries.
  • Potash feldspar can also be used as an important raw material for making potash fertilizer after being ground by a potash feldspar ball mill and subsequent purification.

Process Flow of Potash Feldspar Ball Mill Powder Classification Production Line

Process Flow of Potash Feldspar Ball Mill Powder Classification Production Line
Process Flow of Potash Feldspar Ball Mill Powder Classification Production Line
  1. Crushing.

    The large potash feldspar is sent into the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder for crushing. Large-sized block stones are crushed into small particles. After being screened by the vibrating screen, the stone enters the impact crusher for further crushing until the particle size is between 20-25mm.

  2. Grinding.

    The potassium feldspar particles crushed by the crusher are sent to the potassium feldspar ball mill for grinding operation. According to user needs, the potash feldspar grinding that meets the discharge particle size is discharged from the potash feldspar ball mill and sent into the spiral chute for sorting.

  3. Sorting.

    The potash feldspar grinding after grading by shaking table and high-frequency sieve has reached the required particle size. Finally, the potassium feldspar powder can be obtained by drying the moisture in the dryer.

Delivery of Potash Feldspar Ball Mill

With the economic development, more and more glass products and architectural ceramics are used, and the demand for potash feldspar grinding is also increasing. Potash feldspar ball mill has also become popular equipment in the industry. The following are the pictures of some potash feldspar ball mills produced by AGICO GROUP. Welcome to send an inquiry to us for any questions about the potassium feldspar ball mill.

Delivery of Potash Feldspar Ball Mill

Specification of Potash Feldspar Ball Mill

Specification(mm)Capacity(t/h)Output Size(mm)Rotate Speed(r/min)Grinding Media Load(t)Motor Power(kW)Weight(t)
φ3200×4500According to process conditions0.074-0.41865630149
φ3600×4500According to process conditions0.074-0.41790850169
φ3600×6000According to process conditions0.074-0.4171101250198
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