Fly ash ball mill
This is a fly ash ball mill

Fly Ash Ball Mill

The fly ash ball mill is important equipment in the fly ash production line. It is mainly used to grind the fly ash with different particle sizes collected from the flue gas after coal combustion to obtain the building material with uniform particle size.

Fly ash (flue ash or pulverized fuel ash) is one of the industrial solid wastes in which current emissions are large. If we ignore it and do not carry out resource management, it will have a very bad impact on the surrounding ecological environment, thus endangering human health. With the continuous development of science and technology, buy a ball mill for fly ash grinding, you can get fly ash with uniform particle size. The fly ash with uniform particle size can be made into building materials such as cement ingredients, which can turn fly ash into treasure, realize environmental protection benefits, and obtain considerable economic benefits at the same time.

The fly ash ball mill produced by AGICO GROUP is based on years of research on the characteristics of fly ash, after long-term practice and continuous technological upgrading, combined with market demand and user feedback, and finally built a large-scale ball mill equipment.

This ash ball mill is an optimized design for the characteristics of fly ash. Compared with ordinary cement ball mill, it is more suitable for treating fly ash with uneven ash content. Ordinary cement ball mill is mostly used in circulating grinding system, and the effect is more obvious for grinding slag cement. However, the fly ash ball mill mainly adopts a high-quality special separation device for the internal separation of powder, and the fine grinding bin is added with an activation device, which greatly improves the grinding efficiency of pulverized fuel ash.

Fly Ash Introduced​

Fly ash
  • Fly ash is fine solid particles collected from the flue gas after coal combustion and is the main solid waste discharged from coal-fired power plants.
  • Depending on the combustion process of the boiler in the power plant, the particle size of flue ash is generally between 8-46mm, and the main components include silica, sulfur dioxide, aluminum oxide, iron oxide, etc.
  • Fly ash has been widely used in the preparation of cement and various light building materials, as well as floating beads, fertilizers, and micro compound fertilizers.

Basic Process of Fly Ash Processing Production Line

Basic Process of Fly Ash Processing Production Line

The fly ash ground by the fly ash ball mill can not only be used as a concrete admixture, but also can be used in construction products, agricultural fertilizers, soil conditioners, environmental protection materials, and papermaking raw materials. The processing flow of the coal ash ball mill mainly includes transportation-crushing-grinding-screening-finished product-storage. The grinding work of the fly ash ball mill belongs to the key link. Due to the different pulverized coal grinding and subsequent combustion conditions, the shape and size of the generated fly ash will be different and cannot be directly recycled. But after being ground by a fly ash ball mill, the particle size of fly ash is uniform and can be used in more fields.

  1. Crushing.

    The fly ash raw material is conveyed by the vibrating machine to the jaw crusher for crushing. This step is mainly to crush large particles of fly ash to small particles that can meet the size of the fly ash ball mill.

  2. Fine grinding.

    The fly ash raw material that meets the feed size is sent to the feed hopper of the fly ash ball mill. Start the machine and the fly ash ball mill begins to fine grind the raw materials.

  3. Screening.

    The ground fly ash powder is screened through a circular vibrating screen. The finished powder that meets the particle size of the finished product is transported to the warehouse for packaging and storage, and the powder that does not meet the particle size is returned to the ball mill for re-grinding.

Specification of Fly Ash Ball Mill

Specification(mm)Capacity(t/h)Output Size(mm)Rotate Speed(r/min)Grinding Media Load(t)Motor Power(kW)Weight(t)
φ3200×4500According to process conditions0.074-0.41865630149
φ3600×4500According to process conditions0.074-0.41790850169
φ3600×6000According to process conditions0.074-0.4171101250198
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