Copper Ball Mill
This is a potash feldspar ball mill

Copper Ball Mill

Copper ball mill, sometimes called copper ore ball mill or copper mine ball mill, is indispensable grinding equipment in the process of copper ore beneficiation, and it occupies a very high share in the copper processing industry. The copper mine is a common metal mine. With the continuous development of science and technology, the comprehensive utilization value of copper mine is getting higher and higher. The copper ore grinding processed by the copper ball mill is mainly used in construction, metallurgy, highways, bridges, and many other industries, which has played a positive role in guiding the development of the heavy industry. In recent years, with the increasing demand for copper ball mill in the chemical industry, construction, machinery, and other fields, our company has also launched the latest copper ore ball mill, which is far superior to the products of the same industry in terms of equipment structure, performance, and price. Since the copper mine ball mill went on the market, it has been widely sold all over the world, and it is especially popular with copper ore processing plant.


Structure and Performance Highlights of Copper Ball Mill

The copper ore ball mill newly designed by the AGICO GROUP technical team fully incorporates the German advanced ball mill design concept, which mainly includes the structure of the barrel, steel balls, bearings, gears, and reducers. The overall structure has the advantages of the novel, compact and reasonable, and is equipped with an advanced automatic control system to make it more automatic. The installation and operation of the copper ball mill is simple, which can save the investment of material resources and labor costs for the copper ore processing plant.

  • Higher capacity. The bearings of the copper ore ball mill adopt rolling bearings, which greatly reduce the friction during the grinding process and increase the grinding efficiency by more than 50%, thereby increasing the productivity per unit time by 40%.
  • Energy-saving and environmental protection. The copper ball mill adopts an energy-saving motor design, and the energy-saving effect of a single machine is increased by 2 times. The cylinder body is designed with a sealing device, so there will be no dust and noise pollution during the copper ore processing process, which is more low-carbon and environmentally friendly.
  • Better quality. The bearings, steel balls, and other devices of the copper ball mill are made with high-end advanced technology, which greatly improves the toughness and firmness, extends the service life by more than 8 years, and has better quality.

Copper Ore Beneficiation Flow in Copper Ore Processing Plant

Copper Ore Beneficiation Flow
Copper Ore Beneficiation Flow
  1. Crushing of copper ore.

    The copper ore first needs to be crushed into small pieces of ore materials through a crushing process. The main equipment needed in this link is a jaw crusher and cone crusher.

  2. Grinding of copper ore.

    The grinding link adopts the closed-circuit design of a spiral classifier and copper ball mill. The copper ore ball mill uses new materials of steel balls, liners, and grinding aids, combined with the characteristics of copper ore, optimizes the grinding process and improves the pass rate of the grinding product particle size.

  3. Flotation of copper ore.

    This stage is the flotation process of copper ore. The main equipment includes a mixing tank, flotation machine, thickener, vacuum filter, etc.

Our Service

Ball mill at copper mine
  • Design the processing flow of copper processing line for customers free of charge.
  • Customized copper ball mill equipment according to the customer’s site and other conditions.
  • Be responsible for the installation and commissioning of copper ball mill field equipment.
  • Responsible for training equipment operators and solving difficult problems。
  • 24-hour technical experts answer equipment consultation online.
  • The ball grinding mill enjoys a professional after-sales service guarantee, allowing you to achieve a worry-free purchase.

Specification of Copper Ball Mill

Specification(mm)Capacity(t/h)Output Size(mm)Rotate Speed(r/min)Grinding Media Load(t)Motor Power(kW)Weight(t)
φ3200×4500According to process conditions0.074-0.41865630149
φ3600×6000According to process conditions0.074-0.4171101250198
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