Blast Furnace Slag Ball Mill
This is a blast furnace slag ball mill

Blast Furnace Slag Ball Mill

The blast furnace slag ball mill is used for professional production of ground blast furnace slag. Blast furnace slag is a material composed of calcium oxide, sulfur dioxide and chlorine trioxide. It is a by-product of blast furnace iron making, which will pollute the air and cause human respiratory diseases. The blast furnace slag ball mill can effectively process the slag and obtain the ground blast furnace slag with the particle size of 0.074-0.89mm, so as to meet the processing requirements of different enterprises for blast furnace slag.

The blast furnace slag ball mill is different from the conventional ball grinding mill in structure due to the coarse grain is less and the large plasticity of the iron and iron oxide components. Usually cement mill advocates more crushing and less grinding, but this is not suitable for blast furnace slag grinding. The blast furnace slag has a uniform particle size, and only needs to be pre-screened when controlling the grinding particle size. The wear of blast furnace slag on blast furnace slag ball mill mainly comes from iron and iron oxide. These two materials have large plasticity and are not easy to grind in the blast furnace slag ball mill, which will cause them to accumulate in the grinding system, which will increase the wear of the slag ball mill. According to the characteristics of blast furnace slag, the blast furnace slag grinding line is equipped with a magnetic separator for iron removal.

Blast furnace slag ball mill adopts a special liner, sieving device, motor, and discharging device. In the production process, slag ball mill can not only grind the slag separately, but also mix grinding with cement clinker and gypsum. It has been widely used in cement industry. For the grinding equipment of slag materials, we also produce water-granulated blast furnace slag ball mill and steel slag ball mill, which are used for grinding water-granulated blast furnace slag and steel slag respectively.


Blast Furnace Slag Introduced​

Blast Furnace Slag
  • What is slag and what is blast furnace slag?
  • Slag is a by-product remaining after the metal is separated from the ore, while blast furnace slag is a waste slag discharged from the blast furnace during pig iron smelting, and it is a fusible mixture.
  • The chemical composition of slag includes oxides such as CaO, SiO₂, Al₂O₃, MgO, MnO, Fe₂O₃ and a small amount of sulfides such as CaS, MnS, etc.

Use of Blast Furnace Slag

Ground blast furnace slag is the product of blast furnace slag after being processed by blast furnace slag ball mill and other equipment. Ground blast furnace slag can replace natural sand and stone as the aggregate of concrete, reinforced concrete, and prestressed reinforced concrete below 500. The ground blast furnace slag can also be used as auxiliary materials for highways, racing tracks, and airstrips that require wear resistance and slip resistance. Railway ballast, foundation cushion filling and sewage treatment media, also using ground blast furnace slag as raw material.

Ground blast furnace slag is the raw material for making concrete. Due to the durability of ground blast furnace slag, it is widely used in the construction field.


Specification of Blast Furnace Slag Ball Mill

Diameter(mm)Length(mm)Capacity(t/h)Feeding Size(mm)Output Size(mm)Grinding formDrive typeWeight(t)Motor Power(kw)
150057002-4≤250.074-0.89Open flowEdge drive24.7130
183070004-7≤250.074-0.89Open flowEdge drive36210
220070008-9≤250.074-0.89Open flowEdge drive54380
2200750010-11≤250.074-0.89Open flowEdge drive63380
2200800010-12≤250.074-0.89Open flowEdge drive65380
2200950014-16≤250.074-0.89Open flowEdge drive70475
24001000016-19≤250.074-0.89Open flowEdge drive94.5630
24001100019-21≤250.074-0.89Open flowEdge drive99.2630
24001300021-23≤250.074-0.89Open flowEdge drive115.2800
26001300028-32≤250.074-0.89Open flowEdge drive1481000
26001300028-32≤250.074-0.89Open flowCenter drive101.731000
30001200032-35≤250.074-0.89Open flowEdge drive168.61250
30001300034-37≤250.074-0.89Open flowEdge drive172.261400
32001300045-50≤250.074-0.89Open flowEdge drive196.261600
38001300060-62≤250.074-0.89Open flowCenter drive2042500
42001300085-87≤250.074-0.89Open flowCenter drive2543530
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