Comparative Analysis of Rod Mill and Ball Mill

Ball mill and rod mill

Rod Mill VS Ball Mill-Application in Cement Manufacturing Process and Mineral Grinding

Rod mill and ball mill are used to grind materials. Both of them are widely used in cement manufacturing process and mineral grinding.

Analysis of rod mill
Rod mill
Analysis of ball mill
Ball mill machine

Ball mill machine has always been the main grinding equipment in wet cement production. In the early years, the rod mill was first used in cement raw meal grinding, which increased the output of the grinding section by 31%, saved energy by 27%, and reduced the consumption of grinding media by 47%. Since then, the rod mill has been quickly applied to major cement plants and has achieved good economic benefits.

The rod mill has the advantages of selective crushing and screening, which can greatly reduce the content of small particles in the cement slurry, which can effectively reduce the wear of mud pumps, pipelines, and other transportation equipment. The cement ball mill has good adaptability to the hardness and particle size of the material and has low sensitivity to the moisture content of the material. In the production of wet cement, the slurry moisture can be appropriately reduced, so the power consumption of the cement ball mill is lower, and the calcination heat consumption of the subsequent rotary kiln is also reduced. Therefore, ball grinding mill and rod mill are commonly used grinding equipment suitable for the cement manufacturing process.

Rod mill and ball mill are commonly used mining equipment in mineral processing. Different types of ores will choose different ore grinding equipment to achieve different grinding effects. We see that some concentrators will choose the ball mill, while others choose the rod mill, and some even use both the ball mill and the rod mill.

Rod mill and ball mill for mineral grinding

So what are the differences between the rod mill and ball mill? Rod mill VS ball mill, which better? How should different cement plants and beneficiation plants choose grinding equipment according to their own conditions?

Rod Mill VS Ball Mill-Similarities

Rod mill VS ball mill-purpose

The purpose of the rod mill is the same as that of the ball mill. They are used for grinding materials. Through grinding, the material can be crushed or powdered.

Rod mill VS ball mill-shape and internal structure

The shape design of the rod mill and the ball mill are similar, and both adopt horizontal rotatable cylinders. The internal structure of the two is basically the same. There are grinding media in the barrel, as well as feeder, gears, feed end, discharge end, transmission device, etc.

Rod mill VS ball mill-working principle

From the analysis of the crushing mechanism, the working principle of ball mill machine and rod mill is basically the same. When the cylinder rotates, the grinding medium (steel ball or steel rod) contained in the cylinder is lifted to a certain height as the cylinder rotates under the action of friction and centrifugal force. Then it is dropped at a certain linear velocity, which in turn impacts, grinds, and squeezes the material in the barrel to crush the material.

Difference between Rod Mill and Ball Mill

Ball mill VS rod mill-working mode of grinding media

Grinding meida of ball mill
Grinding meida of ball mill
Grinding meida of rod mill
Grinding meida of rod mill

The reason why rod mill is called rod mill is that its grinding medium is steel rod, while the grinding medium of ball grinding mill is steel ball. Because the shape of the grinding media is different, the working mode has its own characteristics. When the steel rod is in motion, the gap between the rods is a regular long strip, which plays a role in screening the materials. During the grinding process, the steel rods in the rod mill are in line contact, while the steel balls in the ball grinding mill are in point contact.

Ball mill VS rod mill-output size of material

The output size of the grinding material in the ball grinding mill is generally between 0.047mm-0.4mm, and that of the rod mill is between 0.833mm-0.147mm.

Ball mill VS rod mill-charge ratio of grinding media

The charge ratio of grinding media refers to the percentage of grinding media in the volume of the mill. For different material grinding methods, mill structure, operating conditions, and mills with different media shapes, the grinding medium charge ratio has a certain suitable range. Usually, the charge ratio of the ball mill is 40-50%, and that of rod mill is 35-45%.

Ball mill VS rod mill-processing property

The ball mill machine has the high grinding production capacity and strong adaptability to materials. The fineness of the ground product is high, and the output size is fine. The ball mill machine is suitable for materials that need fine grinding, and the energy-saving effect is remarkable, but the phenomenon of over crushing is serious.

Rod mill VS Ball mill-How to choose?

Ball mill in non ferrous metal flotation production line

Grinding fineness: The grinding fineness of the ball mill is more fine, which is suitable for the enterprises with requirements for the fineness of products. If the requirements for the grinding products are more uniform and require large output, it is more appropriate to choose the rod mill.

Workplace: In the cement plant, the rod mill is generally used for the pre-grinding stage of raw meal. The rod mill is mainly responsible for coarse grinding before raw material enters the raw mill for fine grinding. In the mineral processing, the rod mill is rarely used in the re-separation or magnetic separation production line due to the phenomenon of over crushing. If the mineral processing is divided into two stages, the rod mill is generally responsible for the first stage of mineral grinding.

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